Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My SummerTrip 2012: Day 1 & 2

So recently, I was going on a short trip with my family. It was pretty simple, go to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles, then come back. We have these trips almost every year but this year, luck was not on our side!

Day one (July 21st):

It was one of our "boring" days since we just drove down the Las Vegas for most of the day but the real event of the day was getting into car accident. (This would be the second one this year that I've witnessed. >.<) It was nothing serious and no one got hurt (luckily.) What happened was, we stopped to fill up some gas, and while a car was backing up, it hit the back of our car. The back got pretty messed-up on our rental car but, I wouldn't blame the driver that much since the parking lot was so small.

So, we were delayed a couple of minutes (maybe half an hour?) but we still kept going. The rest of the day was ok. We reached Las Vegas and got into our hotel at "New York New York." Then for the rest of the night, we walked/shopped in "Caesar's Palace." (Which is a beautiful casino/hotel/mall with a Greek theme.)

Then, we checked out the "Venetian and Palazzo." I've always wanted to go there but, we never got the chance. It's theme is based off the place "Venice." What I love about it is the gondola rides which makes it seems so much like you are in Venice! It's also where Phantom of the Opera is being performed as a show. I wanted to go see it but, my parents aren't the "opera" type.  I loved it though.

Petpet in Las Vegas... but that's only day one...

Day two (July 22nd):

This was the day we were heading to California! It was actually one of the more boring days but, luck still wasn't on our side. We left the hotel and went to a Chinese restaurant to get some lunch. It was about 12-1 when we left to go to Cali (San Gabriel area.) It usually takes 4 hours to drive from Las Vegas to where we usually stay but this trip, it took about 6 hours! Why? One word: TRAFFIC.

I guess we should've saw it coming. People from Cali go to Las Vegas for some fun on the weekends and since it was a Sunday, most were heading back home. There were also a car accident so it made the jam worse. That was one of my worst car trip yet. Luckily, I had a good book to read and things to do (like napping.)

It was pretty boring after since we just checked in the hotel and ate a Chinese Seafood Dinner.

But there was still more for the days to come...
Until next time!

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  1. "It was pretty simple, go to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles, then come back."

    You think that's SIMPLE?
    I'm SOOO jealous! You act like you live there xD

    Omahgosh i HAVE to go there someday!!! I WANNA GO THERE!!!!!!!


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