Monday, August 6, 2012

Being a Kid again

We all have moment when we act a bit childish... sometimes more than others. Well, last week, I felt like being a child all over again.

We all have our favorite movies and TV Shows that we watched as kids. Last week, I started watching most of my favorite movies/TV Shows as a kid... Like Finding Nemo, Robin Hood (Disney), Sleeping Beauty, Sailormoon... I noticed how much I missed these movies! Finding Nemo almost made me cry again and I noticed how funny it actually was. It is so inspiring and heart-warming. I guess that's why I love it so much! ♪Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, whatcha gotta do is just keep swimming...♫ (I love Dory! :3)
But watching old time favorite movies aren't just the only childish thing I did. I also started coloring in coloring books! To be completely honest, I love coloring books. It's just fun to color when you're bored and create (color) a beautiful picture! I bet I could still be coloring in coloring books even when I'm 18. I'll always be a child at heart. <3
There's so much more that makes me a child at heart but these two stood out the most for me. What's your favorite "child at heart" moment? Comment below to tell me!



  1. Disney! Being in love with Mickey again, thanks to Kingdom Hearts!

    Guess what? Finding Nemo in 3D is coming out ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Lucky moi, it's a Friday! I might watch it! xD

  2. I'll have to say, sleeping with a bog doggie stuffed animal, and watching Barbie movies. I used to ALWAYS watch barbie movies, and I still do. I recently watched a barbie movie last weekend just for the fun of it xD

  3. Me and my friend did a High School Musical marathon last week for the sake of old times (We were obsessed xD) Also I started sleeping with my stuffed bunny again :3(Don't judge me! I know you guys won't xD)


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