Friday, August 3, 2012

My Summer Trip: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 (July 23rd):

This was actually one of our shopping days! Since we are Chinese, it's unnatural for us to not go to Chinatown so every time we go there, a "must-do" was go to Chinatown! I actually LOVE Chinatown because they have really cool stuff for cheaper prices. It's like being at an actual market in China! Anyways, we shopped there a bit. I got a new pair of flats (which I love), some super cute hair accessories (like a small hat clip), and some neon colored nail polish. It's amazing to see how much we bought in less than 2 hours!

Then, we also went to "Vietnamese Town." It's not actually a town but a "mall" with lots of little stores. Usually, the only reason we'd ever go to "Vietnamese Town" is to eat at the food court because we usually don't have those foods prepared quite as nicely and we kinda have a thing for food... (Which is why it's hard for my mom, dad, [and sometimes me] to watch what we are eating. >.<) So, this wasn't a super fun day but, we got lots of stuff so that's good enough for me! ^^

Day 4 (July 24th):

This has got to be one of my favorite days because... it was California Adventure day! I was super excited to go there because I just LOVE Disney... and Cars Land was out. Even if it was a magical day, things didn't go well at all. (More bad luck for our trip. >.<) We didn't get to the park until 11AM [I wanted to go earlier] but it was because some people were slow but that wasn't the disappointing part. We actually had a lot of fun for most of the first part of our day. We went on tons of rides (like Soarin' California [a must go!], Tower of Terror, Toy Story Midway Mania [our family favorite], Goofy's Sky School, Little Mermaid, and a few more.) It was super fun spending time with my family!

Then the bad luck came when we arrived at Cars Land. We actually wanted to get Fast Passes to "Radiator Springs Racers" once we got there but once we did, the Fast Passes were all gone! Turns out that they ran out at 9AM, an hour after the park opens! >.< So, we ended up waiting in line just to ride it. The estimated wait time was 2 hours. We waited and waited but then... just when we were so close to boarding the ride... It malfunctioned and they didn't know how long it would take to fix it! I was so frustrated! My mom kept asking if we wanted to leave but, after waiting 2 hours to ride, being so close, then leaving... What a waste of time! If we left, we couldn't go on the ride anyways since there was so little time left until the World of Color Show. Anyways, after 3 hours of waiting, we got to ride it and, I thought it was almost worth it (if they didn't make us wait so long, THEN it would've been totally worth it but still...)

The "unfortunates" don't end there though... After dinner, it was time for us to see the "World Of Color" show. This is absolutely spectacular! (I watched it in March earlier this year.) It's all about music, color, and water! We got Fast Passes for the show but, it still wasn't good enough. We got a horrible view because we were right behind some people that had to hog the fence. My little sister tried to creep up to the fence to see but, this lady kept hitting her (my little sister's) head with her big stupid purse and totally hurt her! That just made the night even worse. >.< I loved the show but, it was so hard for me to enjoy because my mom was complaining about how much her feet hurt, the horrible view, and other things that I don't even want to mention.

I guess that from now on, I should never keep my hopes too high on special days because the always somehow turn bad. So, that was my wonderful day in California Adventure! What did you think about it?

(Also stay tuned for Day 5 and 6 of my Summer Trip!)

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  1. Wow, Petpet! Boy...that musta sucked.....

    Well, I'm STILL jealous of you, because I live ALL THE WAY ACROSS the continent and I would DIE to visit Cally! I never have, and that World of Color thing sounds SO fun (even though it sucked for ya..)

    But I feel for you. (although I'm happy Chinatown worked out! Did you know NYC is so awesome they have a China Town, Greek, Little India, and SO MANY MORE little places of all the cultures? ^.^ EPIC)

    Waiting in the line for the bumper cars reminds me of my trip to Hershey Park.
    I was waiting for the Skyrush for almost an HOUR AND A HALF, when the line was SOOO huge, and then the thing stopped working!!

    So we had to wait another hour....and we were almost at the 3/4 of the line, when I had to get out for something.

    I get back in the line, and then get this-- The police officer there pulls me aside and says I HAVE TO GET TO THE BACK OF THE LINE because apparently I was 'cutting!!!'

    Holy cow. I was FURIOUS.
    Well, things worked out because the thing startd working again and some lady let me get back to my friends at the front of the line.

    Still, I feel your pain >.<


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