Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apologizes! (I have a good reason this time!)

Deep apologizes for not posting these past two weeks! *bows deeply* It's just that these past weeks have been pretty crazy for me. Mainly because of my vacation!

I should have notified everyone of where I was going but, there was so little time to do everything! >.< Prepping for the trip took more of my time than expected so, I never got to post and I'm sorry for that!

Just to make it up, I will be posting some stories about my "wonderful" trip! (Along with some pictures, of course.)

So, please stay tuned for updates on my "exciting/wonderful" vacation!

P.S. I've also been busy spending family time so, please don't get mad for me not being online much.


  1. How did you add the piano music to this blog, and how do I add music or a playlist or somethin' else of music to my blogger blog?

  2. (I'm wondering the SAME thing as TD, BTW)

    I KNEW it!!!
    I had a BIG feeling you were on you musta learned you were heading on vacay with such short notice! Oh well, hope you had a great time!! I'm back too!!


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