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50 things to do before you turn 18....

I read this one of my friend's blog and she gave me permission to post this.

Credit goes to Selena, Sapphire Sky, Basketball King, and Ella! Thank for sharing this everyone!

50 things to do before you turn 18!

Things to do before you turn 18

1.) Sit on your roof with your friends, and if someone gives you a weird look from the street, yell "We are waiting to board the mothership!"
2.) Throw a decades party. Make every dress up from whatever year you plan on doing for the theme, and play music from that era night and dance.
3.)Have a "Water Gun Drive By." Take your water gun in the car, and shoot people walking down the street with it. Preferrably people around your age, or even people you know.
4.) Sleep out in your back yard with a bunch of your friends. It's creepy, yet super fun for everyone. Be sure to have a bonfire and everything. It's like camping, but if you get sick of it, you can go inside.
5.)Play Sweet & Sour with some friends. Stand on a street corner and wave at every car that passes. If they wave back or smile, yell "Sweet." If they ignore you or give you a dirty look, "Yell SOUR!" and chase them as long as you would like.
6.) Stay awake for a full 24 hours
7.) Go to a concert
8.) Go to a movie opening night
9.) Do something stupid off a diving board (be careful...)
10.) Go star gazing.
11.) Stay up late talking.
12.) Laugh for no reason, just so everybody else will to.
13.) Sing late at night.
14.) Make up a holiday.
15.) Rearrange all the furniture in your room.
16.) Lay down on a grassy field with someone you care about. Just talk.
17.) Make a lemonade stand
18.) Watch the sun rise
19.) Hug a tree
20.) Just be yourself. At least for one night.
21.) Plan your life or future home
22.) Save $1000
23.) Cross dress.
24.) Act like an idiot
25.) Scream as loud as you can
26.) Make a short film
27.) Make a dance to the dumbest song you know…
28.) Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter
29.) Make a prank-call to your neighbor
30.) Carve your name and your “significant other’s” initials in a tree with a heart around it.
31.) Dance on the street in the rain
32.) Ride in the bed of a pick-up-truck
33.) Walk on your roof
34.) Go to a restaurant and use a fake accent the whole time
35.) Spit from a tall building
36.) Go in a tree and yell at people as long as they don’t see you
37.) Learn to play an instrument
38.) Go to a baseball game and be one of those “crazy fans,” (ie. face paint, foam fingers etc. )
39.) Become a ping-pong master
40.) Be something totally random for Halloween
41.) Watch a whole season of your favorite t.v. series
42.) Rescue a pet from a rescue center
43.) Order a diet water at a restaurant…
44.) Play paintball
45.) If u don't know how, than learn to skateboard
46.) Go to a college football game
47.) Play a game of football with some kids on your street/block
48.) Run around your neighborhood yelling "the British are coming the British are coming!"
49.) Hide behind a clothes rack and when someone comes over whisper "pick me, pick me"
50.) Press all the buttons on an elevator
Yes... some of these are stupid yet embarassing but that's not going to keep them from doing it! I'm totally going to try and complete this as well!
My favorites are #1, 3, 5, 34, 43, 48, and 49. What are yours? Comment below and tell me!
P.S. Thanks again for letting me post this, Selena!


  1. OMG! petpet! im guessing your the petpet from poptropicasecretsforum right? i used to go on there! wow lol theres a ton of people i used to know on blogger...

  2. I love #49. XD But I am WAY too scared to do #45 and #9!!!!

  3. I did--

    And a lot more other stupid things.....xD

  4. Done all! so much fun ecspecially #49 they freaked out hahaha!

    1. That's awesome! I can't believe someone tried them all! XD

      Thanks so much for visiting!

  5. if i were to do all this my parents will kill me twice everyday of my life

  6. I've done a couple of these, but I'll see if I can try to do them all. I really likes #'s 49, 5, 27 (that would be gangnam style),48, and 43. And all the ones I didn't name. :D

  7. The british are coming! The british are coming! Bwahahaha..that's fab...lolxxxx


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