Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion from the Room: Scarves

It's winter time for the northern hemisphere. While it's cold outside, you can still look stylish with a scarf! First, choosing your scarf color. If you don't have any scarves and you are on a tight budget, I suggest buying a white, gray, or black color solid scarf because it's easy to put together with outfits. If you have different colored ones, try to contrast them with your outfit. (You can find them at almost any clothing stores or even knit your own.)

Now, there are tons of ways to wear your scarf. I usually like to drap it on my neck or have one end flipped back. Here are 12 different ways to wear your scarf:

Picture from
  Try it out someday! You might surprise yourself by looking stylish with your outfit. A scarves are great for a simple shirt you might have like a blouse or dress. Try experimenting around to see what looks best.

Need some more ideas? E-mail me at and maybe I can help out. Wait for more Fashion from the Room!



  1. How do you tie numbers one and six

  2. I know this is (like a year) late, but I like scarves too! I only have one- a pink one. But maybe I'll ask for some more for Christmas!


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