Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking Care of Mom

I'm supposed to be at school right now... but instead, I'm at home, typing this post. So, you are probably wondering why I'm skipping school.

Well, I would like my excuse to be that we are taking tests and everyone got the day off (just like some high schools do today) but it's not. My excuse is that I'm not feeling well. At least, that's all my friends at school think. To be honest, I'm perfectly healthy (excluding lack of sleep) and instead of me resting, I'm taking care of my mom.

Yesterday, my mom had an eye surgery and has to stay home from work for a couple of weeks. Well, as always, the first few days of a more serious surgery is hard and you need care from other people. It's hard to be independent when you are dizzy and sick. Yesterday, the three of us --dad, Shiny Sun, and I-- all took care of her. We made sure she was comfortable, rested, and healing. (Due to all of that, I totally forgot to do some of my homework. ^^;)

I almost did this.
We were all worried about the following day (today) because we weren't sure if my mom could take care of herself. It was only the second day and her eyes weren't fully healed yet. My dad couldn't take time off from work because he's done it so much already and we had to have some income this week. So, I decided that I would stay home from school to take care of her. I knew what we were doing today so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal if I missed Geography, Biology, and Peer Leadership. (I went to math though because we had a math test.)

So in conclusion, I'm skipping school and lying to stay home. I don't know if I should feel guilty for skipping school though. I mean, it's necessary for me to go to school but I'm doing it to take care of my mother in need of care. It's not like I'm skipping just because I don't want to go or to party. I hope my mom gets well soon.
Nurse to the rescue!
♥Petpet, a straight 'A' student skipping school for the day
(I am missing our lesson about the digestive system right now. I'm not sure if I'm relieved about it or disappointed. It was already really weird to see someone's vocal cords on Monday...)

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  1. Aww...what a nice daughter! :D

    And that pokemon at the end! ^^

  2. At least it's for a good cause! And that's really sweet!

  3. That is so wonderfulistic you are doing this for your mom, and (cut this short) it's so weird what they have us do in school sometiems.... ahh! xO I wish her well soon! And um... for you to get some rest(?). (Hope that doesn't sound as weird as I think it did..)

    [I have the Pokémon in the last picture. A figurine of it, my only one, and she's so d*mn CUTE!! I forgot the name {Sorry RW}. My "one with the marshmellow in place of the egg" xD. Gosh...]

  4. Hey Petpet, I think it is great that you are helping out your mom. I would think though that you could get the school's permission (through your parents if necessary) to stay home without having to hide your real reasons. I don't know your school as well as you though, so I'll leave that up to you. Just try to keep up with your studies as best as you can. :) I'll pray that your mom recovers quickly.

  5. @Redwing, Misha, and "Sugah Cookeh": Thanks girls! Your support is always a great appreciation to me.
    @Cpt. Busy: Thanks. ^^ I know it's wrong of me but there are reasons why people need to lie sometimes... But do not fret, I always catch up on my studies! Family comes before everything though.


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