Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My School...Ridiculous Much?

I have about 4 more weeks of school left.

At this time, you are either piled with homework, overwhelmed by tests, or just doing nothing. Well, in some classes, we usually do nothing super productive. When there's no work to do, sometimes teachers like to put a movie up for us to watch.

Well, now they aren't allowed to do that unless we watch a movie that's G and has a purpose to the lesson. I don't understand why it has to be G-rated for middle school. I mean, for elementary... that's pretty reasonable but for middle school. We aren't allowed to watch movies that are PG without permission.

For example, we watched Ice Age today for Spanish but before we could, we had to get permission from our parents. It's a PG movie with mild peril. Has the school board/principal seen the movies teenagers watch these days?! They watch movies with gory death and constant swearing... sure, this doesn't apply to all teenagers but a PG movie should not need permission for.

And the movie was animated for goodness sakes! Most PG animated movies are safe for 7-year-olds to watch. We are not 7-year-olds. We are 13-16 year olds. Please know the difference.

PG-13 movies, I can understand with the permission slips because it's a little bit more mature and parents should know what their teen is watching but PG is different. I would like my parents to know when I watch PG-13 but they don't care what my sister and I watch that's PG.

So, I just find that ridiculous. It's a new policy but we only have a few weeks of school left. We are all going to work hard to finish the school year but there are times when we want to relax a bit after the constant pressure of grades, tests, and assignments. Can't we watch a movie for one class period that's PG without our parent's consent? Like I said, we aren't 7.

Sometimes, I'm glad to leave the school for reasons like this but there's always a part of me that tells me that I love this school... despite for a few teachers, the stupid school board, and the 'officials.' I know I love them deep inside but they just do not understand sometimes which is frustrating... especially for the middle school. I just hope things will change by the end of the year... because I really don't want to do a lot of work on the last week of school.


  1. PG? Seriously?! Wow. I might understand if it was a movie that's PG and it came out before PG-13 was invented, but...just...wow. People in my grade watch R-rated movies, so...in junior high...that just doesn't make sense!

  2. Woah this is nuts! Ridiculous, really.

    Teachers put up Rated-R movies in my class and we don't need permission at ALL!

  3. Oh wow seriously, last year we watched a 15 movie and we were either 13 or 14...Woah your school needs to chill


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