Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snow in May?

What did I wake up to on the first day of May?
April showers are supposed to bring May flowers… Not May snow showers!

Luckily, the snow cleared up quickly. I can't believe how crazy the weather can be. I mean, on Monday, it was beautiful and warm. Then two days later, we wake up to snow and cold. Make up your mind Mother Nature! I just want spring/summer to stay. Winter ended months ago so don’t decide to come back. Hopefully that will be the only day I’ll see snow in the spring/summer.

Anyways, aside from my frustration about the weather, it’s May! Which means it’s only a month away from my favorite month, June. I don't have a lot to look forward to this month but it’s just one more month left of school. I can survive as long as it’s sunny and happy days.

I hope May will be a good month... of non-laziness.
♥A hopeful Petpet

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