Saturday, April 13, 2013

Honor, Elections, Business, and Fairies

Friday was an interesting day for me.

Let's just say a lot happened... First, I came to school late and I was to go help out at the assembly. So, I practically had to ran to my first period just to let know I'm here and then run downstairs to the gymnasium. Everyone knew it would be a long assembly. I mean, we had high honor roll and honor roll recognition, IB recognition, and then the elections.

I got high honor roll of course and so did the rest of us. (When I mean "us," I mean all the other people who's got high honor roll all the other years.) We went through the normal procedure. This time, I got a coupon for In-And-Out Burger and another coupon for my favorite skating/fun center.

Then they announced honor roll people. My hands were red and sore from all the clapping I had to do. Same with the IB recognitions... Then came the "teacher of the month" award. After 2 years my favorite teacher of all time got nominated. That was worth celebrating.

Next came the elections. This year, we had 3 people running for President and 3 people running for Vice President. I swear, these elections are always a popularity contest. Unless you were liked and popular, you don't have much of a chance to win UNLESS you could catch the crowd's attention. For president, I saw it coming. One of the most popular kids (Chito) went for it and got it. He's a cool kid and a great role model but he hardly did any campaigning and his speech wasn't brilliant. The other girls did well too but they had no chance against him since he's so popular. Then came the VP speeches. There were mainly 2 people that stood out... One of them ran for president last year but didn't stand a chance and the other was a friend from Peer Leadership. Again, popularity contest.

Secretary and Treasurer were very creative but there was always a few people that stood out. What I found funny was that there were a few people that were running but... they are friends and they HELPED each other with their campaign/skits! I mean, there was a girl who called up her friends and one of them was running against her. I find that a little weird but if they want it, do it. The only thing I can really remember is Treasurer with my little cousin. I had no idea he was going to try to for the position but he got it. I knew he was popular in 6th grade but he totally won the crowd with his comedic skills. He tends to mumble A LOT so it's hard to understand him sometimes but you love his jokes once you can understand. I even remember people asking "Who was that Asian kid going for treasurer?" ...That kid. It's too bad 9th graders weren't allowed to vote.

How a few of our bracelets looked like...
That's mainly what happened in an hour and a half long assembly... By the time we went back to class, I had to get ready for the Bracelet Activity. It was our second and last day to sell bracelets. Our group didn't do too well on the first day so we just tried to sell as many bracelets as possible. We got about half of them out because of our ninth grade friends but by the end of the day, we only had 423 dollars. We knew we had no chance in winning so, we just counted 100 dollars and gave the rest randomly to the other groups. We went with a stack of money in each group and just threw it onto the table... then we took whatever we wanted from their tables. That went with all the groups. It just made everyone else feel good and we didn't care for winning either way.

I was late for my high honor roll luncheon because of that but by the time I ate, I was so tired. My morning was just long and tiring. Spanish didn't help. I had to perform "Ceniciento" (Cinder "Fellow" in Spanish). Being a fairy godmother wasn't hard but... that just made me run around even more.

I'm glad to be back in school after a week of break... but it seems like 4th quarter is starting it hard.

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