Sunday, April 7, 2013

Never Sticking to One Thing

Do you know what is one of my worst flaws?


No, I don't mean like quitting a job, school, or something general. I quit the little things in life.

For example, there will be times when I think of an AMAZING story and I start coming up with the plot and everything. I write it down and make sure it's just how I want it and I spend a few days/weeks on this idea of mine. Then, after awhile, I just stop. It's abrupt like a car coming to a stop. Sometimes I'll look back at it but I never really want to finish it.

This doesn't only apply to stories/writing but also music, arts, crafts, and pretty much anything that I can come up with. When I want to compose a song, I'll work on it for a few days then stop. If I want to draw something nice during my freetime, I'll stop after a few days... even if I don't finish it. Even if I want to do a "workout plan," I can't because I just quit.

I think part of the reason is laziness. I mean, unless it's 100% absolutely necessary that I need to do it, I won't because I'm lazy. I just don't feel like doing it. I mean, if you know me, my schedule is always wacky. I never know what will happen. Even if you plan something, there's always that chance that I'll miss it because I'm just lazy and forget.

So anything that isn't top priority  there's a high chance that I won't do it. I kinda hate myself for doing that because who knows? Maybe if I finish it, it will because great for me someday. That's what people think wrong about me. They think that I finish everything perfectly. Maybe that' it for school because it will help me in my future but not when it comes to miscellaneous things.

That's why I can never make promises when it comes to blogging because sometimes I'll just decide to stop. (Same with personal goals. I almost never accomplish them.)

I know many people are like this and this is a "usual" thing but I just wish I could accomplish things without having it to be priority. Until I can do that... I'll just have to try to get off of my lazy streak.

(This post is just a reminder to myself that I can always try to accomplish things... If I try hard.)

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