Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston Bombing

So you know that I always like to keep my blog updated on world/country events. Today, April 15, 2013, was another one of these events.

It's been all over the news so you've probably already heard... but in case you haven't there were 3 bombs that went off today. 2 bombs went off during the Boston Marathon and 1 explosion in the JFK Library. Then there was a rumor that there was another bomb somewhere but they were able to stop it before anyone was harmed.

It's scary to think that this could happen. I mean, the Boston Marathon is huge. It's been going on for years and has never had a threat or attack... until today. The 1st bomb went off at about 2:50 PM Eastern time and then the 2nd one went off 10 seconds after not too far away. It was right near the finish line too! The finish line... where family and friends were waiting for their runner(s) to cross the finish. It's such a horrible thing to happen.

During those bombings, 2 deaths occur but with 100+ injured. I only found out recently but one of those deaths was a little 8-year-old boy. To find out that a child was killed for supporting someone he loves... that's horrible! Along with that young boy, many other children were injured and were taken to the hospital.

There were people who actually got the bombings on video. I watched it an almost burst into tears. I just cannot believe what happened and all I can think about is the people. Why did it happen to those people? Why did it have to happen? Why, why, why?! Everything is so traumatizing. I still cannot believe it happened. So, in case you are curious, I will show you the video.

WARNING: This following video is not for all audiences. Please watch at own discretion.
In the articles and news reports I've heard, the scene was not pretty. There was blood everywhere and limbs in various places. I cannot even begin the thoughts going through my head when I hear that... And to think that this all happened during a sporting event.

Those who didn't finish the marathon were stopped.
For now, officials aren't sure who to blame but they think it may have been a terrorist attack. The White House went on lockdown for that and many other places are well aware of their surroundings. I just can't believe this happened. Finishing a marathon is supposed to be a great achievement. Thousands came to run and thousands came to support. Then, when the winners have already crossed, people wait for their loved ones to cross and then the explosions happened. I mean, a whole marathon was ruined because of that. I mean, many others crossed but those who weren't in the front of the crowd had to be stopped. So many
things were wrong with the attack... I mean, CHILDREN were in the crowd and they were injured. Whoever did this... I cannot forgive. I can not forgive a human for causing dreams to die and on such an occasion... but that's terrorism.

The explosion at the JFK Library is still being investigated but no one was hurt. Officials say it was a fire and it is most likely unrelated to the bombing. Still... to have 3 main events happen in just one city is scary....

So, for all those injured people and families, I pray that you will be safe. America is here to support.


  1. I heard about this last night..when it happened it was like 10pm over here. I find it so sad :( People losing their family and friends. And now some other the police are cautious about other states like New York. They're even having more police then usual at the London Marathon on Sunday just in case.

    Whoever did this is just..something is wrong with them basically. But what I love about this is that people in the marathon carried on running to the hospitals to donate blood. Goes to show that even if the world can be fucked up there are still people out there trying to make it right

  2. This was TERRIBLE!

    We had a moment of silence at my school because my Computer's teacher was so excited about going to the marathon...*sniffle* And...*sniffle* He went. This is what happened.

  3. I'm hour drive away from Boston. Yikes. I heard that one of the people killed was an 8-year-old...I can't believe how people are so...messed up.


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