Wednesday, April 3, 2013

20,000 and counting...

It's April and... Petpet's Room/Speedy Wing's Hideout has over 20,000 views! Whoo!

Do you know what that calls for...?
RANDOM DANCING!  (Images belong to rightful owner!)

...Okay. I'm done. (Yes, I did get that from iCarly.)

ANYWAYS, I don't usually do these posts but... I just want to give a HUGE thanks for everyone who's supporting this blog and for anyone who visits.
So, thank you to my awesome 29 Followers:

Britney Vu
Anaya .Cloud.
Short Leopard42
Dizzy Carrot
Cheerful Bite
Morgan Hieb
Brave Star
Kathryn Haiduck
Icy Lightning
Mocking Jay
coolgyal, roody91, coolgyal_az.
Misha Nenoo
Little Owl
♪ ♫ RedWing ♪ ♫
Anika Agarwal
Little Owl
Cj Pants
Shoeless Panda

Krystal, Calypso, Jasmine, and Jade
Calm Dolphin

Thank you for following and constantly keeping up-to-date!

Now... This blog has been all around the world. I kinda have to thank Google for that because every time someone searches up a word, it can end up directing to my blog...

Now, I need to REALLY thank Selena for the 10,000+ page views. Why? Ever since I shared her list of 50 Things to Do Before You Turn 18 post, it has skyrocketed my pageviews... So, if I take that post away, I'd only have about half of the views. So... THANKS SELENA!

To be honest, I don't really think this blog deserves the views it does. I mean, I hardly EVER update the blog, (The most I've posted in 1 year is 66...) there's not really much that would interest people, and I break promises that I make here. (If read back through the old posts, you'll wonder where the "next" one is.) Whether I deserve it or not, I'm still grateful for everything.

I'm grateful for the views and the writers I have on this blog. Without Captain Busy Seagull, Speedy Wing's Hideout wouldn't even be here since I constantly forget to write about my Poptropican life. (Whoops.) Shiny Sun/Hannah Bunny hasn't written much but she will... someday. And for Shoeless Panda, I don't know where she went but her posts helped while it lasted.

So what's in store for the future of this blog?
I'm not going to make any promises but I'm hoping to bring you more posts about my school life, more about teen life, more book reviews, more Poptropica, and bring a better experience here!

I know I'm not the best blogger... but it means a lot to see so many people visiting.
Thank you.

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  1. But the point isn't that you don't post a lot.

    It's that when you DO post, you make the posts long and meaningful and interesting!

    Like the saying goes, "Quality, NOT quantity!"

    Big congrats on the pageviews! Hats to you for inspiring ME to make MY blog! ^^


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