Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day in the Spanish Language Fair!

¡Hola mis amigos y amigas!

This week, I went on a fabulous trip to a foreign language fair! (Thursday, to be precise.) Okay... maybe it wasn't fabulous but it was pretty fun.

The day started off at 5:30 in the morning. It may seem pretty late for some people but for me, it's really early (I am NOT a morning person.) I ate breakfast and packed up for the long day ahead. Then I left the house at 6:05 to go to the train station. Our school tends to travel on different forms of transportation. Instead of taking a school bus or just a bus, we go to the city electric train or take the train.

This was the first year we took the train. I've been on the electric trains for many years. The difference between the trains was size, speed, and quality. I mean, the Wi-fi there is great, the seats are comfy, there are tables, double deckers, and wall plugs so you can charge your device after a long day... That is why I like the train more than the electric train.

So, we had a long 40 minute train ride and then another 10-15 minute bus ride to the Spanish language fair. We attended an open ceremony around 8:00 and then went to do our Spanish improvs. It was in a completely different building so we did some walking in the brisk cold air. We all signed-up and waited for our turns. The judges give different rankings for how well you did. From best to worst, you get Superior, Excellent, Very Good, and Good. We did the improvs (impromptus) and got excellents. (We weren't loud enough, I guess.)

Next, we had to do skits. By that time, it was about 9:30. I was part of the "Cinderello" (Cinder fellow) skit so, I had to participate. More waiting until we could enter. We performed and all three groups (there were two other groups that did "Capuerucita Roja" [Little Red Riding Hood]) got a superior!

Then we finally went into Españolandia. In case you were wondering what it is, Españolandia is an event the language fair puts up and it's a mock country. When you enter, all you can speak is Spanish. If you speak English, you go to "jail." So, we waited in a long line to enter. We went through la aduana (customs) to make sure I'm not carrying anything "illegal." Then we went to the el banco (bank) to exchange money for "pesos." I exchanged a $5 bill which gave me 50 pesos to spend. Then, we took el metro (it was just a little hallway) and then into Españolandia! The place was crowded with people. Our goal was to visit every station in an hour to an hour and half. We almost did but we ran out of time. We went around different places... such as the kisko, souvenir store, hotel, photos, and more. I wanted a sombrero as a souvenir but they ran out. There were no hats left when I went and that sucked. Sure, I didn't have any occasions to wear it but it's a sombrero!

We went to almost all of the places except the restaurant because it was a long line and we didn't have enough time. Some of the people there were really nice (one guy helped translate) while others were super strict. I almost went to "jail" once. :P

After being in a crowd of people, we went out and to the closing ceremony. There were no seats left so we ended up standing/sitting in the back. I was so tired after all the activities and Espanolandia so all I could do was think of ways to keep me up. I was trying pay attention to the ceremony but it was difficult with all the people talking. At one moment, I happened to tune in and I thought I heard my school's name being called for 1st place. Turns out, I was right.

We won a trophy for having the most "points" within all of the middle schools. It felt good to beat so many schools... even if we didn't know what it was for in the first place. We didn't even know that we could win one and got first place! Our school is just that awesome.

Next we went for lunch. I got Jamba juice.

It was 1:00 and we boarded the bus to aboard the train. I was unlucky and ended up having to stand and near some girls that I absolutely hate. (They always get on my nerves when I see them because of their attitude.) So, that was torture. Once I got on the train though, all I could do was try to relax but not fall asleep.

So, that was my long day! I love learning about different cultures but learning a new language isn't easy. Now I have to go write a 1-page reflection on it.


  1. That musta been awesome! Really interesting to listen about!

    But what you said...
    The day started off at 5:30 in the morning. It may seem pretty late for some people...

    O_O Do people where u live get up at that time? I'm TIREDLY opening my eyes at 7:30 for school ^^

    1. I get up at 6:00, but I'm LUCKY. Depending on when their school bus comes, people in my school get up between about 5:30 and 6:00. Then again, we get dismissed at 2:00.

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