Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School 2013!

Ack. I can't believe my summer is over already!
Good things always have to come to an end, right? Well, I guess it's time for me to go back to constant learning, homework, stress, and drama! (Hooray... not really...)

I'm actually kinda excited to get back to school but that just means I have less time to watch animes and TV shows (I didn't get to watch as many I wanted to this summer.) I've done a lot of back-to-school shopping but it's difficult to know all the supplies I need since it's a new school and new teachers.

I finally "found" a locker partner though! I'm going to be sharing a locker with my guy friend from my old school. We got our locker number on Thursday... but we had (and still have) no idea where it's located. It's supposed to be upstairs in hallway "E." When we looked at our map, there was no hallway "E" at all. That means MY LOCKER IS IN A HIDDEN HALLWAY. Not spooky or confusing about that, right? I'll just have to find it tomorrow morning...

On Thursday August 15th, I went to my school for orientation. Aside from getting my locker number, I also got to go to all my classes and meet my teacher. I had a schedule change so my class schedule's like this now:

A Day-

  • American Government/Politics AP
  • Mandarin Chinese 1
  • English LA 10H Advanced
  • Drawing 1
B Day-
  • Secondary Math 2 Honors
  • Chemistry Honors
  • Psychology 1
  • Lifetime Fitness
So far, the teachers are really nice and it looks like I'd be able to make friends easily. I will miss my old friends though.

The only problem with my schedule is the location of the classes. At my old school, I was used to going around 2-3 hallways. At this school there are 2 stories with about 10 hallways each and a separate building. I have to run up and down the stairs while going to the other side of the school for almost all of my classes. I don't know where my locker is too so... I think I'll have to carry my books and supplies with me for the first week or so of school.

This will probably happen to me tomorrow:
All I could say is that I play piano and speak Cantonese. If I say anything else (like I'm an Otaku, a Disney fanatic, or writes a blog), I'm probably going to get weird looks...

So, no more sleeping in and late nights for me! School's tomorrow so the best of luck for me. I really need it... 
♥The kind of terrified but excited, Petpet

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  1. You get to learn Chinese?! Lucky! My middle school has French and Spanish...I'm taking French.

    Don't worry, you'll be having fun in no time!


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