Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Wonderful Wiz

The Original "The Wiz"
On Thursday, November 21st, I went to see my high school production of "The Wiz." I usually don't watch live productions because they aren't cheap. (When they are though, I am all over for the production!)  "The Wiz" is a production of The Wizard of Oz. It's not any version of "The Wiz." It's the "soul version" of the Wizard of Oz!

I really enjoyed the show. The cast did well. Not only was there a lot of good music and dancing, but there was also a lot of good humor and acting. The main leads did an amazing job portraying the characters. I loved all the characters-- Including the Wicked Witch of the West.

As I watched Dorothy and her new friends travel on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, I felt as if I were on the adventure with them. I was always hoping for the Lion to gain his courage, Tin man to gain his heart, and scarecrow to gain his brains. It was also a little nostalgic because I always remembered being afraid and also loving The Wizard of Oz when I was little. It just kind of made me happy to see everything I watched as a kid on TV, coming to life by mypeers.

Dorothy's slippers were originally
silver until the 1939 movie of The
Wizard of Oz
 made the slippers ruby
to take advantage of "Technicolor."
I went to not only watch the production, but to also support my friends who are in the musical! Although they didn't have any lead roles, they did an amazing job as part of the chorus. They spent days after school rehearsing for the musical. Even if they have small roles, they change the mood of the auditorium quickly. I
was so proud to see them perform.


P.S. I feel that my favorite character now has to be Lion and Tin Man. I never really liked them until I saw them on stage. The actors portrayed them so well that I fell in love with them. (I also fell in love with the Good Witch of the South: Addaperle. She was so optimistic and quirky that I loved her. Glinda used to be my favorite witch but that might have changed....)

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