Saturday, February 23, 2013

Most Frustrating Day yet...

You know those days that you expect to go really well and then it completely backfires?

Well, I'm having one of those days. First off, I had a piano performance where I get judged. I practiced really hard and had it perfect but each time I perform on stage, I just tense up and tend to mess up more than I need to. It frustrates me how this happens each time! Stage fright, I just can't do... In the end, I got a 4/5 which isn't bad... but if I wasn't so nervous all the time, I would've done much better.

What really made my day worse was what happened AFTER the performance.

My friends have been preparing for a play for weeks now and today was their last performance. I really wanted to see it to support them. It started at three o'clock (and my performance ended around 2:40.) It was a production of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I have always loved that story as a child and the production was a huge twist from the traditional story. The show was estimated to be about an hour but started a little later than it was supposed to. So, we ended up going overtime and by the time it was intermission, it was over an hour since we arrived. Intermission was supposed to be 10 minutes but it ended up being almost 20. By the time the second part of the show started, we had to leave because of my parents. My dad had to go to work and my mom didn't want to pick us up so we HAD to leave. I couldn't get a ride home from my friends either because they had a volleyball game right after so there was nothing we could do. NOTHING.

That frustrates me so much. I wanted to have a good time watching the play and I couldn't! I literally cried when we got home. I usually don't complain but... this just frustrates me. It was just one weekend that I wanted to go out and do something... yet it was taken away from me before it ended. I know it was a snowy day here and that it would have been dangerous to drive but couldn't my mom just try and get up and drive us home from a 5 min. car ride? I know she's not feeling very well but I don't always ask for favors. I know how the play ends (or at least have a general idea) but it's not the same...

4 hours later
Okay. So that was my rant from before talking to my mom about all of that. I've calmed down a lot since then but I'm still frustrated that I couldn't see the whole entire thing. It was just a matter of miscommunication between me, my mom, and my dad. It's a long story but let's just say, things went totally wrong because of that. Fact is, our family has been miscommunincating for awhile now. There are times when we have totally messed up and no one was happy because we miscommunicate. I don't know when it's going to get better but... it's been a long day.

If there's anything I learned today, it's that I need more balance in life, my dad needs to get his act together because I would have totally yelled at him for not being clear with my mom first (turns out she COULD HAVE drove us home. He never told my mom that the play was going to last another 30 minutes!), and that I have been holding back too long...

Sorry for such a long rant but I had to get that off of my mind. If all of it sounds just like jibberish and a whole bunch of repeats, I'm sorry. It's hard to type when you are crying and mad at the same time.

♥, A Disappointed. Teary-eyed Petpet
(I just don't know how I'm going to write a descriptive paper for extra credit in English. It's hard to write about the whole entire play since I never got to see it all. It's also a shame that today was the last showing.)

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  1. Aw petpet!!!! *gives virtual hug.

    I feel real bad, but just know that you're not alone. My dad-- yeah, it's kinda complicated, but my family is PRONE to miscommunicate, we do it all the time.
    I know what it feels like to miss out on such a great opportunity but just know that everything happens for a reason...

    -RedWing :)


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