Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lindsey Sterling

I love the violin... And there are just some violinists that I love.

Lindsey Sterling is one of my favorites. She is another huge music inspiration for me. I first remembered her from America's Got Talent. Her first live performance was horrible. (I'm sorry.) I think that she was eliminated because the violin was with the actual voice singer and everything. IF she played with background music only, it would have been perfectly fine.

But since those few years, Lindsey has become a HUGE internet sensation. She currently has 43 videos on her channel but she has tons of other songs. She takes the violin to a whole new level... Like taking it to DUBSTEP! Here's my favorite:
It's an original violin dubstep called, Crystallize. I first heard this song during Science. My teacher likes to put techno music on while we work and this song happened to play. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. ♥ I'm not usually a big fan of dubstep but I think the concept of a classical instrument being put with dubstep background music is great. =)

Here are some other songs I like:
Very upbeat and lively. This original song is just beautiful! Plus, her hip-hop dancing adds a twist to it.

This next one is one of my absolute favorite medleys:
The Phantom of the Opera has been one of my movies/plays so far and I love their music... This medley brings back so many memories! I think video is amazing and it is just like the actual Phantom of the Opera. Way to go!

Next song is a collaboration song for Nicki Minaj's song, Starships:
I think this was a pretty good cover song. I'd rather listen to this than the original... for sure.

Next song is another original violin dubstep:
The music is beautiful. You can really feel different elements being played. This video is one of my favorites because she's "playing with the elements." All the scenery and outfit match the element she's playing. For example, the white breezy dress in an empty land.

Next song is one of my favorite covers:
Thrift Shop by Malcromore has been quite popular recently and I've come to like it. This version was pretty cool... especially with the violin solo. I guess anything can be played with the violin!

This last song is a collaboration with The Piano Guys (which I talked about here):
I love Mission: Impossible and this video and song collaboration was amazing! What can I say? It's three great musicians coming together to perform!

Those were just a few of my favorite songs. You can always check out more of Lindsey's songs on YouTube with more scenery, amazing violin playing, and crazy hip-hop moves.

There are so many musicians on YouTube... it's amazing! Lindsey has inspired me a lot and I hope she inspired you too!

♥Petpet, your music-loving blogger

P.S. Please support Lindsey by buying her album and songs on iTunes, subscribing to her on YouTube, following her on Facebook/Twitter, and maybe even check out her tour!

*All videos belong to Lindsey Sterling. This post was to share the love of amazing music.

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  1. I am in absolute love with know her single "Crystallize" sounds JUST like the soundtrack from Kingdom Hearts? It's amazing.

    And the "Thrift Shop" cover is sooo FTW! :D


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