Thursday, February 7, 2013

Digital Artwork!

So, before I start sharing my artwork, I probably should just explain why I'm doing this at such a random time...

 I've been having blogging block (is that a thing?) It's basically "writer's block" but... with blogging. I JUST HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT... Okay, not true. I have TONS of things to blog about but I totally forget when I go to the computer... Basically what I'm saying is that I didn't know what to blog about so I'm gonna blog about my artwork in Commercial Art!

So... Yup! Here we go!

I might have posted this picture before but it's one of the first projects we did and it was a favourite of mine. Can you tell what it says?

This one is pretty basic. It's an advertisement about anything you want. I chose to do a zoo (since I recently went to one before the project.) I just didn't have enough pictures.

Okay, this one took me awhile to figure out. It's supposed to be a surrealistic picture... And in a way, it is. Pretty cool though, right? It tells a story.... but how do YOU interpret this picture?

This is a drawing from class and I had to digitally color it. Turned out pretty well... Except for some shading.

This was our final project. It was really fun to do. What we had to do was design a video game concept. I thought of creating a RPG game called "Royal Knight Online." Basically what you do is try to become the greatest knight of a kingdom you chose at the beginning of the game. The picture is a battle scene (photo edited background, drawn/colored characters.) It's just a rough idea but I'm proud of it.

Two random doodles I created during class. One's a swan and I don't know the other...

So... Yeah. That's most of them! Best part is, we actually get a colored and professionally printed book of our artwork! We had to assemble the book ourselves but... It's still amazing! I can't wait to get it.

Which is your favorite? Comment to tell me!
♥Petpet, your artist...?

*All artwork belongs to Petpet;


  1. The first one says MELODY :D Was I right?

    I like them all but I think the RPG one is EPIC! It looks very realistic (well how a RPG game should look) and I would know since I've grown up watching my brother play Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Grandia and other RPG games ^_^

  2. ^ I think you are ;)

    This is AMAZING! How the heck do you do this stuff? I couldn't draw to save my LIFE!!

  3. Aww, thanks you two! ^^

    @Misha: Yes, you were right! xD

    I'm glad you like the video game picture! It took me a lot longer than I thought it would because I just couldn't get the background to look right and the characters just took long in general. Thanks for comment though! :D ♥

    @RedWing: Well, the girl was actually one of the easier assignments. I just took an anime picture and drew it on paper with MY own style. (I just had the basic sketch.) Then we took a high quality picture of it, outlined it on the computer and colored it. The background was just me doing random stuff.


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