Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 is off to a good start...

So... It's February! Time goes too fast when you are having fun.

January was such a blur. I think the biggest blur was these past 2 weeks though.

So much happens at this school... And I enjoy a lot of it. In case you don't know, I have crazy friends (which I love) and every moment spent with them has been amazingly crazy. (I've been a lot more outgoing now because of them.) Anyways, I'll start the craziness...

•A conversation among a few of us and it about a person from India driving and all he cares about is his curry.

Computer Tech
•Two guys (that are my friends) started "beating each other" for no apparent reason. They are close friends though... So it's okay.

•A guy (who is slowly becoming my friend) insulted about 5 girls in less then 5 minutes without even thinking.
•The same guy scarred my friend with creepy annoying thoughts.
•The EXACT same guy above, made out with himself (if you know what I mean) in my teacher's closet when she was out. It was later planned to let her come into the room, with him doing that. It was hilarious... And she's strict but has a great sense of humor.
•Some boys started a stupid game. (More on that later.)
•Read the Odyssey and some guys started to put the gory thoughts into "Br's" mind. (She doesn't like the thoughts.)

•We had a lockdown drill yesterday and before the drill, we talked about it. When we first did, a kid named 'K' started to go crazy and started making a mess of things. (He does try to get attention.)
•During the lockdown drill (in the middle of our math test), we were anything BUT silent. Instead, a whole bunch of boys were holding scissors in their hands. Greatest part was when our school president/friend started to protect himself by creating a fort with boxes. If it were a real lockdown, he would probably be the only safe one.

•We've been working on a big project about South America. We've had about 3 weeks to prepare it and a few boys didn't and they wanted to do a "puppet" show. It was a complete fail but it was HILARIOUS! Sad thing is, I now know that everything innocent is out of me. Their skit was pretty much unrehearsed and it was so dirty (well, the way they said it along with dirty minds.) It was freaking long too! Just a side note... If you ever say you visited Lake Titicaca, don't say you saw caca. That's just... No.

Peer Leadership
•We had to create a skit for our assembly and the theme was to think "outside of the box." So, for most of the class period, we had to create box-heads. You can never take people seriously when they have a box on their heads.
•A whole hour of just talk for our group because our presentation got moved back (long story.) But, talking is great... And it's even better after you've been productive.
•We never had a real inauguration for our president and Vice President so we had one today. To be honest, it was a combination of inauguration, knighthood, marriage, and a whole bunch of things. (They had to swear on the dictionary instead of the bible.) Either way, it was HILARIOUS because your knighthood... was from a ruler and the oath they made was completely thought from the top of your head.

Yup... That just goes to show how productive everyone is! It even shows how much of a blast I have before I leave the school in 4 months. I'm excited but yet sad at the same time.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be a huge blast.

Our school president thinking "Inside the Box."
P.S. I forgot to add this but another thing that made January great was boys being super stupid. Some guys made a competition to see who hit other people's groin the most. So... It's basically like laser tag but with physical... I'm not even gonna go there. But seriously guys, stop being so stupid and doing such a stupid game.

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  1. We had a lockdown recently too...also a guy BROKE HIS LEG in gym class (this is why I hate gym) and one guy in my homeroom made a card for him. He wrote a song on it called "The Surgery Song" and it pretty much went like:
    If your eyes pop out, you get surgery,
    If your toes fall off, you get surgery,
    If your lip starts to bleed, you get surgery,
    If you break your skull, you get surgery, (it goes on and on)
    This is the surgery song...and many more!!!!

    I was laughing so hard XD


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