Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Special Day Full of Tears

Well... If you all know me enough... you probably know what day it is.
Even if you didn't know, June 5th, 2013 is...
  • My 15th Birthday
  • Last day of 9th grade
  • Last day of going to the school 
  • Start of Summer
So yeah... It was a very exciting day.

I was a few minutes late to school so I couldn't go check in with my first period teacher (I had to help with yearbook.) I spent pretty much all morning helping yearbook. Then, I FINALLY got to go upstairs and start yearbook signing. I had to roam through the halls just to find my friends.Then we all went downstairs for our end of the year slideshow! It was fun watching all the memories I've had this year.

We spent the last 2 hours signing yearbooks. This year, I didn't get many people to sign (which is okay because I don't want a lot of "HAGS" in my yearbook.) It's amazing to read what your friends say. Last year when we did yearbook signing, I saw all the 9th graders crying... and I also cried a bit because some of my friends weren't coming back.

I knew I was going to cry. Even if I promised myself that I wouldn't cry... I did. The last 30 minutes were the worse. I cried so much and so did almost all of my friends (some of the guys are just too hardcore. :P) All the gals cried at some point though. I was one of the worse (luckily I don't wear makeup often or else I'd be a mess.) 
The cover of our Yearbook
You know, it's so hard to imagine not being able to see your friends everyday. I've been with these people for 3-4 years that it's hard to let them go. Sure, I'll still be friends and be able to contact them but it's not the same. It is never the same once someone leaves. I get to start the cycle all over again.

So, I guess it was a pretty good birthday. I got the most birthday wishes this year in my life. (About 10 from PSF, 10 from Facebook, and about 10 from my guild.) I had some birthday cake from my party on Saturday... and I no longer have to go to school for a few months!

Even if I cried like a baby, it was still a great day and year. High school... here I come!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have the same b-day as my cat :D

  2. Firstly, Happy Birthday once again! :D

    Secondly, I'm totally with you...sometimes it's okay to cry and let out your feelings, it shows you really have attachment and that's okay.

    I guess it's what makes us stronger and more willing to move on...


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