Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AGT Season 7: Quarterfinals Part 1

Last night was the first live show of season 7 on America's Got Talent. It was an exciting night where some soar sky high or crashed in flames.
The show started off with a 30 minute countdown. We went behind the scenes and saw highlights of the auditions, just waiting for the Live Shows to finally start!

Last night, 12 of the 48 semifinalists performed on the brand new stage in New York City. Before, AGT's live shows were hosted in Hollywood but this year, it was time for a new home.

Since this was the new judge's, Howard Stern's, home, he was making a big deal out of it and thinking it's his show. America loves Howard but what about Sharon, Howie, and Nick? Stop hogging the spotlight, Howard!

The performers did better than others but it was hard for me to vote on this one! The performers were:
  • Distinguished Men of Brass
  • Edon
  • Jarrett & Raja
  • Lil Starr
  • Todd Oliver
  • American BMX Stunt Team
  • Nikki Jensen
  • The Scott Brothers
  • Michael Nejad
  • 787 Crew
  • Shanice and Maurice Hayes
  • David Garibaldi and his CMYK's
Some of these shined and made everyone remember them while others... crashed and burn.

My favorite acts of the night were Edon, The Scott Brothers, and David Garibaldi and his CMYK's. I think that last night, these acts shined brightly. Edon's performance was amazing! His singing is spectacular along with his playing. The Scott Brother's dance routine was amazing. Some of their moves put together with the music was brilliant. David Garibaldi and his CMYK's used music, dancing, and art last night to create a beautiful painting that made the audience and judges stand up.

Everyone gave their best to perform last night and their faiths were in America's hands. I hope you all voted for your favorites! Tune in tonight at 8/9 central to see who made it and who's going home.
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Missed the show? You can always watch it on nbc.com/agt. You can also find out about the contestants, behind the scenes, photos, and more!


  1. Okay, so now if I miss one, you can keep me up to date! :D

  2. I think the right acts were chosen, but I was sad to see the American BMX Stunt Team go because they were so fascinating. My son and I, my daughter and wife, were divided between Edon and Lil Star winning. My Dish co-worker’s family comes over to watch with us and help judge, and then the arguing can really get loud! We watched both episodes in one evening because we can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on our PrimeTime Anytime DVR recordings. The time we save makes it possible to watch more TV than we could with commercials.


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