Saturday, July 14, 2012

Book Review #8: Wild Magic

This book review is about Tamora Pierce's book, Wild Magic. This is the first book of The Immortals series. This is one of my favorite books to read. It's full of adventure, fantasy, and... magic!

Wild Magic (There are different verisons
of the cover art.)
Wlid Magic is recommended for young adults with that wants a taste of fantasy and adventure. There is some violence involving fighting and some of the descriptions are frightening but it's a really good book. It is also put in a "medival" setting (just warning everyone.)

This book is about a young girl named Daine. She's has a huge knack with animals and is a great archer. Daine has been an orphan for a long time and is hoping to find a better future... and it all starts with meeting a horsetaker for the Queen's Riders. Along her journey she finds out about creatures, abilities, knowledge, and more that she's never known of... including that she contained a rare ability. A girl able to talk to animals, meeting strange creatures of the immortal, and living a brand new setting. What more could you ask for?

I absolutely love this book. This is actually my second time reading it and I noticed how much I forgot about the actual story. It is an adventure that I would love to go on though and I could not put the book down! Hopefully you check the book out and it will become a favorite of yours too!
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