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AGT Season 7: Quarterfinals Part 2 Recap

This week was the second live show of AGT, Season 7. 12 performers took on the stage for a chance to earn the biggest prize of their life. Here's a recap of how each of them did:
  • LionDanceMe: They were the first to perform on Tuesday night. Their lion dance was good but the judges said it's getting old and it's the same thing they've seen before. LionDanceMe stepped it up but was it enough?
  • Turf: His background story caught America's heart but his performance wowed everyone. His combination with dance and contortion made his act unique. The judges praised him for being able to perform with only the music and dancing but they said he could've tried to incorporate more dance into the routine.
  • The All Ways: This rock band took a risk this week. They went with a more "pop" song (Lady Gaga's Telephone.) It was a good performance but they could've done much better according to the judges. It was mainly due to song choice and performance. Was the risk worth it though?
  • Hawley Magic: A spectacular, young magician performed a trick it involved a sword(?), his wife, and danger. It was a good act and got praised from the judges. Sharon said Hawley could be more "cool" though.
  • Lisa Clark Dancers: These young dancers performed a dance involving many styles of dance. This "theme" they went with was old styled. The judges weren't too happy with their performance. Howie thought it was a "dance recital" which was really hard on the Dancers.
  • Aurora Light Painters: A brilliant idea by using light and show. For their performance, they did, "Monsters Under Bed" as a story. The performance story was hard to sort out for Howie. The judges thought it was too "childish" at the moment. They have a great idea but... not "matured" yet.
  • Danielle Stallings: A 14 year old singer that sang It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. She is so young but has such a "big" voice. It was truly spectacular and she "shone" on Tuesday night.
  • Donovan and Rebecca: Amazing acrobatic performers that shows both grace and strength. They performed using aerial silks and blew the crowd away... and I bet blew America too.
  • Big Barry: Not a favorite of most but sang with his heart. Sharon and Howard "X'ed" him but Howie (being a fan of Big Barry) didn't X him and let Barry perform all the way. Once the judges got to talk though, there was a fight/argument between Howard and Howie.
  • Tom Cotter: One of the 2 comedians on this show. He told jokes about our "ways of speech." It was hilarious and won the crowd over. The judges praised him for his act.
  • Ben Blaque: Danger and Crossbows. He made everyone get to the "edge of their seats" (while Howie was literally off his seat at the beginning of the performance.) The judges didn't completely agree that it was "stepped up" from before but he did give a good performance.
  • Tim Hockenberry: The last act of the night sang Katy Perry's Part of Me. Howard didn't love it but many others did (including yours truly.) He definitely stepped up from his other 2 acts though!
So what did you think of Tuesday's acts? Who were your favorites and those that you voted for? Comment to tell me!

The Results..

The results show started off with something surprising by sending 2 people on stage, Turf and Tim Hockenberry. Both of them did amazing on the previous night and it would be a shame to see one of them leave. Howie even said the if one of them left, he would be coming back as a Wild Card. The result was that... BOTH made it through!

Tim Hockenberry
Then 4 acts were called to the stage, Lisa Clark Dancers, Aurora Light Painters, The All Ways, and Big Barry. All of them ended up going home. Sharon said that she wasn't surprised at this result at all! Sorry to the 4 acts.
Tom Cotter

There were 2 more spots left... which one of them was claimed by the comedian, Tom Cotter!

The last spot was up to the judges. They called to the stage, Ben Blaque, Danielle Stallings, and Donovan and Rebecca. One had to go home right away and that ended up to be... Ben Blaque.

It was between Danielle Stallings and Donovan/Rebecca. The judges had to choose who they wanted to put through. After given a commercial break for the judges to think about, it was time to hear their conclusions. Howard was first and voted for Donovan and Rebecca. Sharon, after a lot of thought, voted for Danielle Stallings. Then it was up to Howie. The faith was in his hands... he voted for Donovan and Rebecca. It was sad to see the young girl's heart to be broken but there was only 1 spot left. Congrats to Donovan and Rebecca, though!
Donovan and Rebecca
Of course, we can't forget those that perfomed during the results show! First guest was Gavin DeGraw who sang his new single, Sweeter. The next guest was an acrobatic performance by Traces urban circus.

There was also a special "treat" from judge, Howie Mandel! They showed a video clip of Howie up to his "tricks" again but instead of on the other judges, it was with the performers! It helped ease the tension of the show a bit but I bet some of those performers weren't happy when they found out about the joke though.

So, were you happy with these results? Who were you hoping to go through? Comment below!
♥Petpet, your teenage AGT correspondent/recap-er

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  1. GO TOM COTTER! (I know him :3)

  2. You do?! That's so cool, Little Owl! I was sad that Danielle Stallings didn't make it though. :(

    1. I know!!! She was REALLY crying, and I felt so bad! And Howard's all like, "It's not your time to shine" or whatever. What is he talking about?! Her voice isn't going to get any better as she gets older! Ugh, I do not like him.


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