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HPF Books: Report to the Principal's Office

I (HPF) read this book!  I found it very interesting...If they were to make a movie off of it I would want to play Salem Brownmiller

Report to the Principal's Office is a 1991 young adult novel by American authorJerry Spinelli. It depicts the first few days of school at the brand-new, state-of-the-art Plumstead Middle School. The book follows five main characters: Sunny Wyler, a girl who wants to go to her friend's middle school but can't. Eddie Mott, who wants to fit in and make new friends. Salem Brownmiller, who sees herself as a future famous writer. Pickles Johnson, who enjoys inventing all sorts of things. And finally, there is T. Charles Brimlow, who sees all of these sixth-graders as "the Principal's Posse", as he later names them. All of these sixth graders will all report to the principal's (T. Charles Brimlow's) office, hence the title, Report to the Principal's Office.

Plot summary

Hillary Kain and Sunny Wyler are best friends. They live across the street from each other. But when Hillary and Sunny find out they are going to separate middle schools, they are thrown into depression. Sunny vows to not change her shirt, not wash her hair, and never even smile until she gets into the same school as Hilary. School begins at brand-new Plumstead Middle School, and there are four sixth graders that, somehow, meet. Eddie Mott is a kid who tries to fit in, yet still has a hard time (e.g. he gets beaten up on the morning bus). Salem Brownmiller, a girl who loves to write stories, enjoys this as a writer, because she is writing a story about a sixth-grade boy's first day at middle school - and Eddie is the perfect fit.
Dennis "Pickles" Johnson, a famous child inventor, somehow finds his way with the other three kids.
And on the first day, they are all sent to the principal's, Charles T. Brimlow, office to eat lunch with him.

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