Sunday, January 22, 2012

Petpet's First Science Fair!

I have been busy this week and as you can tell, it was because I had to prepare for my first ever Science Fair! Many students started doing Science Fairs since grade 1 or 2. Well, for me, I never got to expericence that until this year and that goes for our school too. First annual Science Fair for the school and for I! This was something that I wanted to try a long time ago and now after the months of preparation, the day came and went.

I partnered up with my good friend, Abby B. It took a lot of pondering to figure what experiment to do but after a lot of research, we decided on "Color and Taste." We wanted to see if the color you see affects what you want to eat. We decided to do 4 different food items for our families to taste. Each food item had a duplicate with a different color. For example, say one of the food items was pudding. There were two bowls of the exact same pudding. Bowl 'A' was normal or the control while bowl 'B' was the same except that we added non-tasting food color to it.

This was a pretty fun project to do because first, we got to play with food and food coloring! (Mom can't scold me for that) and second, it was interesting to see the faces people made when they ate the weird colored food as well. The science fair took up most of our day so all of our classes were well, laid off.

Being judged was kinda tricky because we were afraid we might forget something of the judges might not like our experiment. Well, once the science fair was over, it was time to give out awards and to let 10 finalists go on... To my shock, only three 8th grade projects made it to the state competition! The rest were ninth graders. Another shock was, Abby and I made it to the next round! Talk about amazing. My first science fair and look at me now!


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  1. I'm so bad at science Fairs! Great job Petpet!


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