Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm... Normal?!

This week (to be specific Thursday), a couple of classmates were talking about what they were. We were either weird, crazy, geeky, or... Something else. What category was I put in? You guessed it. Normal. it was surprising how they said it too. It was tone... It kinda made me feel like I was something rare at out school and it kinda is. Everyone I know is either weird, geek, crazy, hyper, jerks, or shy. Me, I think I'm more a shy but then, I really like to be around people and meet new people.

Is being normal a good thing? Hmm... I guess it sounds better then crazy... but seriously, being normal, it doesn't sound like me because I'm certainly not a normal teenage. This post has just gotten really confusing but trying to prove a point, I have wackos as friends (but I love them) and being normal equals me. All those that know me online, you know I'm way more than normal... right?


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