Friday, August 2, 2013

Good to Hear from Friends

I have been so anti-social this summer.

Ever since school ended, I never really had a chance to chat with friends. I don't iMessage them much since I'm always away from my iPod and I can't text. Plus, I don't usually have time to chat on Facebook... so I haven't been able to chat with all of them.

Can't wait for a trip some-what like this
Well, not until a few days ago. All of my friends and I wanted to go to an amusement park together as a big group ever since January. (Yes, we have anticipated it for that long!) So now, with summer slowly coming to an end, one of us decided to take action and start planning. We spent probably an hour in a Facebook chat room trying to plan out everything. It was good to chat with them and just goof around a bit with them. (Even if it's indirect.) After going off topic so many times, we finally figured out the final date and times.

Turns out all of us are going to end our summer with a trip with a group of friends they've been with for about 2-4 years. Before we all go off to high school, we are going to just spend one day together as we always did at school. School starts again on the 19th and we are all going to the amusement park on the 16th. (Hooray for late planning!) I think it's great though. We get to be in our group of friends one last time before the school year starts and we become sophomores.

It's also good to hear from my online friends too. I haven't got the time to chat with them during school since I'm always busy but occasionally, I get to chat with them, even if it's only a little bit.

Okay, I'm going to earn some more money for our trip.

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