Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10th Grade Registration

School is almost here... Which means I have to prepare for the year.

Yesterday, I went to my high school for registration (I thought I was going another day but my parents decided that the earlier, the better.) There were a lot of people so it was really hot and stuffy around.

We had to do the Online Registration (since we didn't have our passcode yet) and that took about 20 minutes. Next was school fees and information with parking and lockers. Since our school has a lot of students and not enough lockers, we have to find partners for lockers.

You know how hard that is for me? I only know one student in the whole school and that's because he went to my previous school (he's a friend.) I mean, we probably will end up sharing lockers since we both agreed it would be better to share a locker with someone you know than a random s
tranger. I just don't know if my parents like the idea of a guy and girl sharing a locker. I honestly don't mind since I know he won't snoop around my stuff...

I dunno if I should just share with him for the whole year or should I find a random stranger I don't even know to share. I really need some advice here. >.<

Despite my locker problem, I still went through registration smoothly. We had to take school pictures that day (so it was pretty much picture day for me) and receive our student ID card. It's much more efficient to do it like this than my old school.

After pictures, it was time for me to pick up my schedule! I was pretty satisfied with my classes except for a few changes needed to be made.

A Day-

  • Drawing I
  • Mandarin Chinese I
  • Chemistry H
  • Psychology I
B Day-
  • Secondary Math 2 H
  • European History AP
  • Consumer Health
  • English LA 10H
*Highlighted are the classes I want to change.

Since my school does International Baccalaureate (IB for short), they have certain class courses that you should take in order to take IB. I need to change my history/social studies course to "American Government and Politics AP." It's an 11th and 12th grade course but I'm allowed to take it if I plan to take IB. Then I also have to change my English to "English LA 10H Advanced" for IB as well. 'B'-days will certainly be a challenge with all my tougher courses in one day but that might change depending on how they change my schedule.

I'm kinda excited for school... but I know I won't have as much free time once it starts. Might as well enjoy my last few weeks until then!

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