Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break, Yay!

I am finally out for Spring Break! You have no idea how excited I was to get out of school on Thursday.

Sure, it wasn't an early out day but it was still a 'fun day.' First off, it was Dress-Down day which means NO UNIFORMS! We could wear whatever we desired because we had less than 3 tardies during 3rd quarter.  Since it was the last day of the quarter, the teachers were all very considerate and decided that we could just have a free day. So in math, we had a short lesson then just chatted with each other until class ended. Then in Geography, the watched Rise of the Guardians (I found out that I would be Sandman if I was one of the characters.) Then in Biology we watched Mythbusters and in Peer Leadership... We just did whatever. I
also had ice cream because 7th grade was doing the ice cream parlor. So, it was a really non-productive day... Aside from the fact that I helped out with Yearbook during two classes. (I shall explain another day.)

"Hard work, pays off in the end."
I am so glad to have a week of relaxation and no school! The students and teachers all needed a break. I mean, we (the ninth grade honors) had so much going on the past 3 weeks with school work. First was the Geography 50+ page outline. Then we had study guides and essays to write for English class. We had a bit of math homework and tests to study for. Last Friday, we had 3 tests out of the four classes. I mean, I didn't
study a lot but it's hard to remember everything. We never have them spaced out enough... Then I had projects for English and Art which were a little stressing. So, we really needed a break from all the work.

So after such a gruesome month, we finally got a break. We have Friday the 29th off until Sunday, April 7th. I only had one homework assignment (super simple) and it's just a week for me to sleep in, go on the Internet and do what I'd like. I already spent Friday night playing night games with a few friends and Saturday playing RPG's... But I did some cleaning around the house too so I'm not wasting all my time.

What do I have in store for the rest of my break? Probably more Internet, finish reading some Mangas, finish a few books (especially Sister's Grimm), finish an anime series, watch a few Disney movies, organize my room, make 20+ bracelets for my bracelet activity group, draw something nice, and get plenty of exercise.

It's kinda a lot for 1 week but I believe I can do it!.... As long as I stay away from the RPG games.

Well, if you are on spring break as well, what plans do you have? Or if you already had your break, what did you love the most about it? Comment to tell me!

This is unrelated but since my quarter ended, I wanted to post my grades up. To be honest, 3rd quarter was by far the hardest to keep my honor roll streak. There were so many classes that I was afraid that I wouldn't get high honor roll in... Now that I look back, I really AM an overachiever. That's not bad though, right? (This English term, I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't get lower than an A... so why not make it over 100%, eh?)
...Yeah... I am a huge overachiever.

*All pictures (except for the grade report) belong to rightful owner.... The grade report belongs to me (Petpet) and I don't think you'd want to steal it in the first place...

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