Saturday, March 16, 2013

I no longer like Geography...

Guess what I was assigned this weekend for homework?!

A 50+ page outline on North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia. I really don't mind about learning the region but I just hate outlining. I hate it with a passion now. When I was first learning about outlines, I didn't mind them at all because they were easy. After outlining chapters for so long now, I should be a pro at it but I hate it more than ever. So far through my year in Geography, we've had to outline at least 30-40 sections. It's a pain to do because you have to get most details (you never know when you'll be tested on it and be able to use notes.)

I am just done with Geography this year... At least with outlining and taking notes. It's too much for me! I have almost 100 pages of notes and outlines from Geography! From this year, about 75% of the time, we are outlining the sections from our Geography book or taking notes. It gets so repetitive that I no longer want to do it.... But I know I must do it for a good grade.
Must do it...
(It kind of reminds me of my friends who go to Seminary every morning. Everyone from other schools are excited and love seminary while everyone at my school DREAD it. Their teacher does nothing interactive or even teach them their scriptures. He just assumes that they read and memorize them and during class, he lectures them and tells personal stories that most don't even want to know. He also grades unfairly. He's giving students who don't participate in class good scores while those who are in class and not paying attention get a bad grade. Sure, the students are on their phones when they aren't supposed to but he needs to listen to them and make the class entertaining and engaging! Of course, this is the perspective from all 9th grade students who go to Seminary...)

Anyways, I don't mind learning about the history and geography of the world. I just hate the methods of learning we are doing in Geography. I highly doubt my teacher is going to change her methods because it's hard to control 30+ students in a classroom already... I just really dread going to Geography now because I don't want to take notes or outline! It's too bad we can't just read and go over what we all learned in class because we have peers that cannot learn to be quiet or do their work...

I know that in the future I'll look back at these notes and might be glad to have these notes but would really like a change from constant work. I guess that's how it's going to be when I'm older anyways. Geography class is just a way for me to prepare for my future and the reality that I might have to do something repeatedly for the rest of my life. :/

Of course, I'm not going to quit doing outlines, I'm just DONE with them and no longer feel like doing them. I hope that high school won't have so much outlining.
♥Petpet, who loves learning about the world... just not writing about it

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  1. Woah petpet. Yeah, that must be VERY annoying to do.

    I'm not in 9th grade always have to remember that at the end, you'll thank yourself.

    Almost summer!


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