Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Proudest Work

Writing Argument of Fact wasn't this easy...
In December 2012, I learned about different argument papers, such as argument of fact, argument of judgement, and argument of policy. This was completely new for us and we struggled a bit. (Some more than others.) When I first learned argument of fact, it was really hard to understand because you had to justify the facts to why they were evidence. I guess it was the use of having to restate what would be common sense. Not many of us did well on our first paper (I struggled a lot with the warrant or "as a rule" statement) and the subject, is justice blind, was hard for me to write about.

Then we learned about argument of judgement. For me, this argument is much easier because it's more opinionated and has much easier guidelines. If you haven't studied or heard of argument of judgement before, it's basically creating a criteria, finding specific evidence, and proving whether your subject fits into your criteria for those reasons. I guess this argument was a lot easier because the paper we had to write was about whom we thought would be the best teacher and it was something we could all relate. (I got a perfect score for ideas.)

The last paper we had to write on argument was argument of policy.
This was probably the most gruesome paper I have ever written. With argument of policy, it is usually used to write a policy but for our class, we had to write an argument on a policy that already exists. An argument of policy paper uses argument of fact and judgement in the paper because for an argument of policy, you are analyzing the policy and deciding if it should stay the same, be changed, or abolished.

Our subject was cross curricular which meant that it would be on something that we were currently learning about. Since it was on policies, my science teacher and my English teacher decided our topic. For Biology, we had to write an argument on the U.S. policy on stem cell research. I never really knew what stem cells were until a lot of research. In the process of research, I also learned what potential embryonic stem cells have in the future along with what advances in medical use it has helped us today.

Anyways, we spent a few weeks to research and then write the paper. It was hard for me to write the paper at first because I was sick the week we went over the information. Of course, I caught up quickly and understood what to do and before I knew it, the first deadline was near. I finished the rough draft and later found out that I received a 94%. Shows that I was on the right track!

Next, was for the final draft. Some people only had to make a few correction over the 2 days while others needed to make more than a few...

After many weeks of waiting, we were given back our papers. What score did I get? A 96%. The highest score in the entire class and possibly all of 9th grade... I was utterly shocked because I thought my paper was going to get a lower grade than my rough draft (especially with my grammar and conventions.) It was such an honor for me to be consider a "good writer" though. Even after that positive news though, there was more.

Wait, what?! The Senators?
Our principal, Student Body President, Vice President, and Peer Leadership representative went up to our state capital to talk to some senators about our school. I wasn't notified of this until a few days after but they showed my paper to the senators. These are important people who represent my state and America... and they read my paper! Utterly shocking and even now, I can't believe it to be true.

So... some of you might be interested in reading this paper of mine, right? Well, if you are interested, here's the link for you to read: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8rTNthsVskRbTJkSlNvV0haWWM/edit?usp=sharing

Am I really that good of a writer? I mean, when I blog, I just ramble whatever and make constant mistakes. I'm proud of my work but is it all cut out to be? I really don't know... but hopefully when I look back on this paper, I'll remember all the work I put into it and how much this paper really means to me. I don't like essays but this is something that I worked hard on and I deserve to share it, right?

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