Friday, March 8, 2013

Bracelet Activity, Mission:Start!

I'm really excited for the month of March... It involves making friendship bracelets.

In ninth grade, our state requires students to learn how to manage a business with your classmates. So what we did was split into 5 groups (with 6-7 people in each) and created our own "friendship bracelets business."

We get to learn about everything in a business such as stocks, income, expenses, management, debt, etc. Along with learning business itself, we will also be discovering ourselves. "What skills do you have an a business person? What are you good at? What do you need to improve on?" This is one school activity I'm looking forward to.

I'm actually really proud of my group. All the members are people I know well and it seems like we won't have a lot of drama. I have Aub, Alex, M, Bai, and C in my group. They are all amazing people and most of us cooperate with everyone. As a group, we had to assign members different roles, such as president, finance, design, etc. When we first heard that the groups need a president, everyone in my group said, "I nominate [insert my name here]!" I saw that coming and of course, I took the role. I was glad to be the president but that doesn't mean I'd be in charge of everything because all group members have to do something. So, for the rest of the roles, everyone just chose what they'd like and we didn't have any troubles. Here were the roles:

  • President: Me
  • VP of Finance: Aub
  • VP of Sales: Alex
  • VP of Design: M
  • VP of Marketing: C
  • VP of Manufacturing: Bai
Each of our roles pretty much fits our personalities which is great.

Next, was coming up with a name and slogan. That took us awhile to figure out...  We came up with the randomest ideas such as "SWWAGG," "YOBO," and we almost went with "YWYCPON Bracelets (You wish you could pronounce our name)" but in the end, we decided to go with "Threadz." Our slogan? These my/our threads. It's a little weird but it's easy to remember, which is what's great in a business! We're hoping to do all different types of trendy themed bracelets. (Superheros, Dr. Who, popular shows, music bands, etc.)

So, this post title had "Mission:Start!" on it. My mission? Have tons of fun, make awesome bracelets with awesome designs, and beat all the other teams. (It's tough competition for sure.) So far, our start has been good but it all depends in the long run. Hopefully my bracelet making skills will come in handy.

Still, I can't wait to get started!

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  1. Gosh you are lucky!! I would really like to do something like that, that's a boring thing about my school... -_-


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