Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's not Disney!

I am a Disney fangirl (not a super ultra one though.) I am also a Dreamworks fangirl as well... So if you are like me, it gets on your nerves when people confuse the two AND assume any animated movie is Disney.
Before I start talking again, I must warn you, this may be a long rant post so... be prepared. (Maybe?)

Not so long ago, we were watching Rise of the Guardians during class. Some people questioned about the movie and I heard someone reply, "It's a Disney movie. It doesn't have to make sense." A. DISNEY. MOVIE. I wanted to scream at that person. I know it's not a big deal but to me, it is. Disney and Dreamworks are completely different.

Disney is the inspiration that every kid needs in their childhood. It brings amazing stories to the heart! These are tales retold or never told before and it touches our heart. Every villain is memorable and sometimes even loved. Every happy ending is cherished.

Dreamworks create amazing unique stories as well. Almost all of their movies is about being different and being proud of it. It give self confidence and inspires people, just like Disney. With amazing animation, Dreamworks can take you to a whole new world. (No, I'm not referencing Aladdin.)

They are both inspiring but DO NOT ever mix them up. I mean, Disney is huge and amazing but that doesn't mean ever good movie was created by Disney! You know, there are tons of other amazing animation studios in the world and you can't ignore them! Give Disney credit but you must give the other companies credit as well.

People always seemed to think Anastasia is a Disney movie. That frustrates me too. If she was a Disney princess, you'd see her on all Disney merchandise! Have you seen Anastasia when you went to a Disney Park or a Disney store? NO. I know that Disney's Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire is a princess as well but she wasn't your "run of the mill" princess.

Anyways, when people say Anastasia and Dreamworks movies are Disney, it frustrates me. I mean, I'm glad that those movie would seem like "the magic of Disney" but just because it isn't Disney doesn't mean it's a bad movie! So many movies brought my heart running just like a Disney movie would!

Another thing I hate is that people mess up with the animation companies even though the company is said right before the movie. Sure, it can be boring and you see them all the time but could you at least give credit to the company who made the movie you're about to watch?! I mean, Disney and Dreamworks aren't hard to remember at all. You have Disney with this logo and "When You Wish Upon A Star":
And then you usually have this Dreamworks with this logo and "Night" from Shrek:
So when you see that Dreamworks logo before the movie and call it a Disney movie, you need to pay more attention, learn how to read, or get a hearing check... You can tell the difference, no?

Anyways, if you are cringing in guilt right now, it's okay. I just wanted show my love for Disney and Dreamworks because they are huge inspiration to me. (There are many other animation studios that I love though! It's just that these two are my favorites.) It just sucks when people aren't giving enough credit to Dreamworks and other studios and giving Disney the credit. It just seems wrong...

If you are someone who confuses the studios by accident, I hope that this post has made you more aware of the movies around you. If you love these studios... then you have amazing taste. :)
♥Petpet, the animation movie "fantique" (well, most of the time)

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  1. preach!

    you know, what annoys me most after this is underrated forgotten movies even though they're brillaint masterpieces!

    1. That's another annoying thing... There are some people who don't appreciate the meaning of some movies...


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