Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Piano Guys

Fact: Petpet plays the piano and loves it...

But I am nothing compared to The Piano Guys. After listening and watching them play, I found a bigger inspiration in music. These guys are PROS at what they do. Some even call them the 21st Century Mozart.

They currently have 36 videos on their YouTube channel and released an album on Oct. 2nd. They take classical/instrumental music to a whole new level! (Note: They are considered the genre of Pop.) Anyways, shall I show you a video first?
Wasn't is beautiful? In case you didn't know, it was Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." ♪I could love your for a thousand years...♫ Let me tell you a bit about them. There are 5 guys and they live in St. George, Utah: a piano store owner/videographer (Paul Anderson), a music producer (Al van der Beek), a videographer/editor (Tel Stewart), a pianist (Jon Schmidt), and a cellist (Steven Sharp Nelson). They all want to inspire the world with their talents, which they do.

Anyways. Enough of my talk. Why don't I show you a few more videos?
This, was super cool. It's One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and they create everything with just one piano and 5 guys! I thought it was super cool how they used the entire piano... Although I would never dare to do that with my grand piano. This next song totally reminded me of a few special friends...
Hilarious music video but great music. I truly love Pachelbel's Canon in D but Steve totally mixed it up! I can't choose one version though... For this next song, let's just say, watch out Star Wars Fans!
I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but the music + video, was really awesome. There's so much creativity going on, I love it! Darth Vader... can play a mean accordion! This next (and last one) brings back so many childhood memories!
I love Charlie Brown and so do the elders. Gotta say that these guys know how to rock it out!

After 5 videos, I hope you all are liking The Piano Guys. If not... I can't really do anything about it. Of course, you can always listen to The Piano Guys more on Youtube and check out their other amazing videos with hilarious stories, beautiful scenic, and glorious music!

I will keep practicing piano so someday, I can be some-what as good as them... or at least until I can play that skillfully.

Well, keep rocking on, everyone!

P.S. Please support them by subscribing on YouTube, following on Facebook & Twitter, buying their products, and buying their new album on iTunes! (I just need one more dollar!...)

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    Had NO IDEA of these new vids, I will watch soon! Thanks PP


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