Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy December?

IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY?! I cannot believe it. Time goes way too fast. In just less than 30 days, I will be 2013!

Well, all I can say is that I keep getting busier and busier by the day. There's going to be a whole bunch going on this month! Let's see...
  • It's almost Christmas! That means busy decorating our house, buying and wrapping presents, seeing relatives... Gotta look forward to that business!
  • Only about a month away from 2nd semester. That means grades are getting tighter.... Which means I have to try hard if I want to be in High Honor Roll again. (It also means more end of term projects.)
  • I only have about a month to memorize and perfect 2 pieces for piano. It doesn't seem like much but still... Less time in the day.
  • We might take a small vacation during Christmas break... depending on our budget.
  • I only have about a week and a half to be with my math teacher! Mrs. D. is quitting due to family issues and she's leaving after Christmas break. She's one of the best math teacher I've had... I'm so gonna miss her. T_T
  • The world is supposed to end on the 21st of this year... I wonder if it's going to happen. We are 20 days away and... No one is panicing. I'm not surprised though.
  • Hopefully I can post more things for my blog (very special things...) but, that's only if I have time. >.<
  • I'm planning to publish my trip to Hawaii (been working on it) but after having Blogger delete it while I was half way through... was very frustrating. Time to start over again. T_T
There's probably a whole bunch of other things but, I just can't think of it off the top of my head.
Either way, I'm kinda excited for December... but not really. (Is it me or does everyone just start acting like angels during December?)

Hopefully, this month goes by fast but allowing me to have some time to post!
Happy December.... I guess.

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