Saturday, April 21, 2012

School Election 2012

On Thursday, April 12, it was my school's election. I need to state one thing, I HATE POLITICS.

It's not the fact that I have to listen to speeches but I just hate that you have to vote for someone. Sure it's for the best but... the whole fact is pretty intense stuff. Either way, I'd rather have a democracy than have a dictatorship!

Back to the point, I had a school election. You've seen those. It's all drama, posters, and such. Well, this year was one of the intense elections for Vice President and President. 2 of my guy friends, Taylor (like I said, GUY friend) and Chandler, were a package for VP and Pres. Then 2 of my other friends, Brittney and Taylor (this one is a girl) were also a package for VP and Pres. Both packages are amazing speakers and fun people.

We had assembly before voting and that was one of the greatest ones I've ever been to. Before I get to the VP and Pres face-off, I'll start off with the Treasurer and Secretary. Well, for those 2 chairs, only 1 person from each went for it. That meant those that wanted to be on the Student Body Committee were elected right away since no one was going against him and her. Well, one of them (I can't remember which one), had the best impression! She had a campaign with "Got Brittney?" (similar to the "Got Milk?" logo.) Well, she had milk at the election and spilled some of it. She ended up cleaning it and since she was wear heels... whoops! She fell! That made her memorable. =D

For the VP and Pres part, Brittney and Taylor went first. They gave a small speech and then started their presentation. It was mainly dancing but it was well choreographed. Along with that, their last song was Footloose and a whole bunch of my friends went up and danced with them. Before I knew it crowd went up and danced with them! That was a great impression!

Next was Taylor and Chandler. They both gave amazing speeches on how they were going to make 2012-2013 the best yet. I have to give them credit that they both would make incredible speakers someday. Then this next part surprised me. They turn on Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and a bunch of my friends went up and started dancing. This was just like Brittney and Taylor's! Next thing I knew, everyone was going up there!

In the end, Taylor and Chandler won the election (I won't say who I voted for those that are from my school.)

So, what did you think of the school election? Is your school election like this? Comment below and let me know! (Hey! That rhymed!)



  1. school elections are not even REMOTELY like this.....the only thing we have thats even CLOSE to "elections" is student council. no "president", "vice presdident", no "student government"
    Its basically like the s.s teacher for each class ask the class "who want to go to student council" 2 representatives are chosen by a vote. no speeches, nothing. If people like you for whatever reason, youre in. If you are bad behaved but "popular" people vote for u, and you're in. thats why the student council does nothing.
    most of the kids are gone after the first meeting, anyway.


  2. This is the same at my old school, except the students that are voted in start abusing their rights, as far as the teachers were concerned they were angels


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