Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anime Fever!

I don't how many of you know but I have been a HUGE anime fan for most of my life. I try to watch one everyday (and that's partly why I've been so busy.) For those that don't know what an anime is, it's a Japanese Style cartoon. The art are usually more elaborate. Instead of having really simple character structures, the animes focus a lot on how the human/character looks. They tend to look like this:
I don't own this picture but it's still really cute. ^_^
Anyways, I've seen going on a HUGE anime craze lately. There are hundreds of anime series created and so many to choose from. Usually, I have a hard time choosing but when I choose one, they are usually addictive (like all of them.)

SailorMoon SuperS
Okay, let's back up a bit. I bet you're wondering what my first anime was and what got me interested into animes in the first place. Well, when I was little (like 7 years old), my aunt had these video tapes of cartoons in Cantonese for me. A set of those "cartoons" happened to be SailorMoon SuperS. It's a really old anime but it is truly a classic. Well, I started watching the first one and soon, I got hooked on to it. That's pretty much how I started.

Shugo Chara!
So now, I've been watching animes all the time. Most of the ones I've been watching lately are Shoujo (for girl) ones but I watch almost anything. I've seen bit of Naruto, Bleach, and Deathnote. Then I've finished all of Shugo Chara (which I totally recommend for girls), La Corda d'Oro (this is great for classical music lovers), and Skip Beat (this one is kinda strange...) I have probably just bored you with all that info but I just wanted to share my interest with you.

If you are ever interested in what animes I'm watching, you can always look at the sidebars and check it out you can go to the Poptropica Secrets Forum and look at my biography. If you want to try watching the anime, just click the picture! Happy Watching!



  1. I'm glad I'm the only one addicted to anime!

  2. Now I'm obsessed with Shugo Chara!

    1. Yay! Now I have another friend that loves Shugo Chara!


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