Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why must I keep forgetting?!


Although school is great for my life, it takes up most of my time for posting. Other than that, I have Poptropica Secrets Forum moderating to do, music, and spend time with friends. Lots to do with so little time.

Well, for starters, IT'S ALMOST SUMMER! I'm so excited. I get outta school on June 1st, and so far, May has been dragging to get to end of school. It's not that I dislike school. I just don't want a lot of projects and work to do. The best part of school for me is seeing my amazing teachers either mess up or do something funny and hanging out with my... 15-ish friends. Some of them are leaving next year which is so sad! I am going to miss them so much.

      So, let me tell you what I wanted to tell earlier. About 2 weeks ago (May 12th to be exact) I got into a car accident. In our car was my little sister, dad, and I. In the other car, I think there was a man and woman. No one got seriously injured but I did get a seat belt burn on my neck. Let me tell you, car accidents are seriously scary things. When the airbags deployed, there was a horrible chemical smoke and for 2/3 days, I could still smell it. My mom was really mad at my dad because our car was totaled.
      Since it was also a day before Mother's Day, our Mother's Day was kinda... bad. Our family was crying because we were having a huge fight and... it just wasn't a pretty scene. Everything is better now but I just want to say one thing, I NEVER want to be in a car accident again.

How about some more happier news? Well, for my health class, we had "egg babies." You had to take care of 1-4 egg babies for a week. I got triplet (3 of them) and they were all girls! I named them Sapphire (Saph) Jewel, Diamond (Dia) Jewel, and Emerald (Em) Jewel. They were a pain to take care of because you couldn't forget them somewhere and you had to take them everywhere. I really learned that, most teenagers can't take of babies on their own.

Some upcoming news, I'm going to be having my tonsils taken out on June 6th (a day after my birthday.) Since I won't be able to move around too much, don't expect me to post very much let alone go on the forum. I'll be fine though.

Thanks for visiting!
♥Petpet (Sapphire, Diamond, and Emerald.)


  1. OMG...i almost had a HEART ATTACK when i saw the sentence "i got into a car accident." I was ready to freak. SO happy you're okay!

    Oh! Egg babies! LOL Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid? :D
    Haha that musta been fun!

    Lucky, my school ends June 28th! Grr... xD
    Wish you well on the tonsils though! What a way to have a 14th Birthday :D

    Cant year! 8th grade is calling!

  2. Egg babies from Diary of a Wimpy Kid...haha, I remember that. XD


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