Sunday, December 15, 2013

To my Fellow Follwers...

I apologize to all my fellow friends and followers for not posting recently.
The amount of work I've been doing this past month
(Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.)

As you probably guessed, I've been extremely busy with school and life. I've been wanting to post a lot of stuff but I haven't had the time with the amount of things going on in life! Not only have I had to study for many classes, write essays, do projects, and keep up my social life, I also had to get ready for the holidays coming up!

I've just been completely swamped with things to do  that I don't have time to write. So, as an apology for not posting for almost a month, I'm going to make a commitment and post something everyday next week! Yup. I have never posted more than 2-3 days in a row so this will be a first for me! (I'm doing this because I need to post more and my winter break from school starts next week.) So look forward to the 7 day post from me! It will start on December 22 or 23.

Also, here's a little piece of artwork as an apology for my inactiveness. I did not too long ago for a contest. I didn't win but it was fun to draw.
I hope you all stay happy and warm... if you are in the northern hemisphere.
♥A busy and freezing Petpet


  1. Aaaaw~ I can't WAIT, petpet~~ (^^.) This is going to be awesome, and I hope I'll have time to read each one when it is posted! (The wifi at my dad's house stinks, all of 'em on it 24/7 uwu...)
    •••And OH, LOL, yeah-really... I went out a couple days ago, and thank goodness it wasn't icy-under-the-snow yet where I am, but it was close, and REALLY really slushy. (Hard to push carts in that*)

    Anywhoo~ I won't be too north soon, so that is ok. ^^


  2. It's okay! I totally get it, because although I have plenty of time, I never know what to write. I can't wait for your week of posting! :)


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