Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Joys

Today has been a good day. A lot of good thing has happened. 

•Visit from a few neighbors: A tradition in our neighborhood is to give gifts for people on your street (or just your closest neighbors.) We already delivered our gifts but there were a couple of neighbors who came to our house to give gifts. I just love seeing all these small presents from my neighbors. Even if we aren't super close to each other, it's nice that we are all a community. So it was nice to get little treats from our neighbors. :)

•"New" neighbors: On one of the neighbors that dropped by our house today were familiar faces. Except, the last time we saw them, they didn't live 2 houses down the street! Today, my childhood guy friend who lived only a few blocks away, became my next door neighbor (well, almost next door neighbor.) I was surprised to hear that because I thought that I would never be able to see him again after I left our neighborhood elementary school. Now that he lives two houses down, I can no longer avoid him. I just hate that he had to see me looking my worst (messy hair, glasses, bad outfit, etc.) Not a good impression.

•Visit from an old friend: My mom's friend came over with her 4 boys today and they were happy to see us. They are the cutest boys ever. It was just nice to see them after 6 months.

•Visit from my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Minh: Right when I thought we couldn't get more visitors, we got one more visitor before leaving for the Christmas party. My aunt and uncle came and dropped off presents for ShinySun and me.  It was nice to see them before Christmas. I don't see them enough.

•Christmas party with the family: I had a Christmas party at my cousin's house (Uncle Loc's house) and it was so much fun. Sure, I didn't do much but it was nice to hang out with family. The adults had a gift raffle and it was amazing. Not only did people get good stuff but others got bad stuff... Like underwear and dog toys. It was a priceless moment. My mom got a cute little towel cartoon thing and it was adorable. I am typing this at the party because I know that I won't get home until after midnight... So yeah. The party was so much fun but it was exhausting.
I hope you all had a nice Christmas Eve! I sure did. I'll be sure to post my Christmas stuff in a couple of hours. Goodnight for now!
❤Sleepy Petpet

P.S. Sorry if the text is different. I typed I from my iPod Touch notepad.

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