Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What we got for Christmas...

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I was so busy and lazy today that I yet again, posted when it's almost midnight! I stayed home all day and slept in, so there wasn't really much I did but relax. There just wasn't very much for me to do.

I did get to open my presents though. This is what I got:
I got clothes, make-up, perfume/lotion, paints, a pen, and The Piano Guy's Album. I have to say, it's not everything that I had on my wishlist but I'm happy with what I got. Warm clothes are always nice for cold winter days. Cute skirts are nice for when I'm feeling a little girly (as well as the make-up). I've been into piano and painting a lot this year so those are also perfect gifts!

Shiny Sun/Hannah Bunny got a couple of gifts too:
Shiny got a Kidz Bop Sing-a-Long microphone toy, a "Crazloom" bracelet kit, a kid's art kit, and a "Trio" tablet. The Kidz Bop toy was just something I found at the store that I thought she would like... I was wrong. I wanted to find Harry Potter/Pokemon stuff for her but it's impossible to find cheap items of those brands at stores now-a-days. The two art kits are for her to be creative since she loves to draw and make bracelets. (I should get her to post some of her drawings sometime.) And then of course, there's the "Trio" Android tablet. That has to be her favorite gift. (Now she no longer has to steal my iPod.) Shiny also got a few other small items such as ornaments and clothing.

One of our aunt/uncle gave the two of us a kit that is almost the exact same as the "Crazloom" kit our other aunt/uncle gave to Shiny. Well, great minds think alike, right?
I also got little presents from my friends and our neighbors which were delicious. (Chocolate, banana bread, and popcorn galore!)

So that was my Christmas. I was originally going to get an iPad but I really didn't want it. My mom has been asking for an iPad for almost a year now, so instead, I gave it to her as a surprise. I am happy for what I got and I don't want any more electronics than I need. Sure, it would be nice to play on Xbox and Playstation but sometimes, it's nice to have little gifts that will make me happy then play games all day. (I already do enough of that on the computer.)

I hope you all had a great day or a Merry Christmas! (Depending on whether you celebrate it or not.)
♥Petpet [and Shiny Sun... kinda]

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