Saturday, June 8, 2013

9th Grade Graduation

Tuesday, June 4th was my 9th grade graduation.

To be honest the graduation was fun. I just regret that I didn't wear heels and that I didn't wear my pretty dress (I thought I would overdress but apparently not.) We took pictures of the guys and girls in our pretty dresses.

Then we went on with the ceremony. The first speech was from an administrator and it was nice. Then my friends sang a duet of "Hallelujah." It gave me the goosebumps and it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. I'm jealous of their voices!

The speech from our student body president was great. He did a great way of talking about the good times at our school while making it a little comedic. His speech really loosened the tiring atmosphere. I'm really going to miss him.

Our last speech was from our principal was... very long. She talked about how this school first opened and the 3-4 years we've had. She managed to make us feel proud though. What she did was say an accomplishment and then have all those that did it at their years at our school stand up. Everyone stood up at least once... whether it was for being here 3-4 years, joining different clubs, being on the school teams, or academics. I stood up so much that it was crazy. Here's what I can remember standing up for:

  • Being at the school for 6-9
  • Being at the school for 7-9
  • Getting Honor Roll
  • Getting High Honor Roll
  • Getting High Honor Roll all of this year (9th grade)
  • Joining Journalism
  • Joining Yearbook
  • Joining Peer Leadership
  • Joining a Music Program
  • Going to the Spanish Language Fair
  • Help win the trophy at the Spanish Language Fair this year
There was probably a few more... but that's all I remember. I felt great because I knew I didn't spend my middle school years doing nothing.

We then had a slideshow of the proceeding students. They had pictures of us when we were in 7th grade and then this year's yearbook teacher. It's amazing to see the 2 year difference in everyone. Even I looked so different...

We went through our little ceremony after the slideshow. It wasn't much. We got to shake hands with the school board (who I'm not very fond of because they are the ones why we can't get anything fun) and get a snazzy little "diploma." Then we got to take a picture with our principal. Pretty fun stuff. (NOT.) I guess that's one way to prepare us for graduation in high school and college. 

I took tons of pictures with my friends... and felt shorter still. What is up with parents and picture taking? Either way, it was still a fun night. I have "officially" graduated from the school!

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  1. That sounds so nice :) Good job PP, really. Good job for making it so far.

    My graduation is in 11 days :) Wish me luck ;)


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