Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What a weekend!

Goodness... my weeks have gone berserk now.

Let's start with Friday.
For my state, it is legal for teens 15 and up to get their learner's permit... just to start driving. My parents wanted me to get it so I could start driving over the summer. I studied kinda well but I knew I could make it with a passing score of 80%. At the first driver's place, we found out that we were missing a few wrong things so I could test until I got my FULL birth certificate and house bills that were within 60 days ago (to check for that I am a resident of the state.)

We went back to a different place later that day and I finally got to test. Well... I tested and got a 78%. I just missed passing score by 1 question. I probably would have gotten one of those questions if I didn't start off with a bad day. (It always happens when I'm at school too.)

At least I got to watch "Man of Steel" that night. I have to say, superhero movies are becoming my new favorite thing... Don't ever ask me to choose between Marvel and DC comics though.

On Saturday,
I just stayed home...but I did get a good hour workout. My mom willingly played some sport with us. That's rare but very celebrational.

On Sunday,
I woke up early to do my Father's day card. (Yay for procrastination and forgetful mind!) This year, I did a superhero theme because I'm pretty sure he was getting tired of all those "tie cards" I gave. It was probably one of the best cards I've made in such a short amount of time. Then later that night, we went out to dinner (dad's choice, of course.)

After a nice full meal, Shiny Sun and I decided to watch a movie together. My parents weren't interested so we just went and watched. We watched one of the best movies ever created... "Holes." I swear, that story is a genius piece of work.

Dang... so much can happen in a few days.

Summer break has been great but I should really get to finding something to do during my summer vacation because the constant online hours isn't good for me.

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