Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That was awkward... "Love"

Okay, just to clarify before I start, I am not interested in a relationship yet and I won't be for at least a few more years. I can be friendly with guys and hang out/dance with them but I'm not into a relationship.

So, I've had a few "awkward" moments during school in my 9th grade year. As you probably know, I'm really not the flirty type. It's just really me. So, it's awkward for me when I'm mentioned with a guy.

1) My first one was last month, before my trip to the Spanish Language Fair. Last year, our "passports" for the fair had information including "spouse and kids." I didn't put anything for those categories because I wasn't really interested. So, one of our peers decided to match everyone up in case the passports were going to be like last year's (luckily, they took it off.) During lunch, I found out that I was "married" to one of the smartest guys in my grade, 'J.'

That was awkward because first, we don't talk a lot unless it's something related to school. Second, it's just weird to be "married" to someone you hardly know. I thought it was ridiculous and that I'd rather be single than "married." (We aren't in elementary school for goodness sakes.)

2) Next awkward moment happened during an assembly about a few months ago. I have a few guy friends so it's natural for me to sit by them but what's awkward is when they start doing their little "flirt tricks" on me. You know how some guys like to put their arm around a girl's shoulder? That's what they did and they used their little tricks. To be honest, some of them are so lame... but it's awkward when they do that with me... because I'm not usually one to be flirted with. Here's an example of a few they did...

3) This one wasn't super awkward but... still. It was awkward. So during the last few minutes of peer leadership, a few of us decided to play "MASH." If you've never played it, you haven't lived your shildhood. (Here's how if anyone needs a guide.) Anyways, we went through most of my friends. Mine was totally random and for me, the boys were randomly chosen by my peers. From what I remembered, I lived in a shack, was married to 'J' again, owned a taco truck, and was a plumber with a pet dog. (I wanted an alpaca though.) We did 'Js' "MASH" and he was married to me... That was just 3 situations where we were paired up together. The awkwardness between us was just weird.
Then my close friend D. did his "MASH." Guess what? I was married to him. So... I had some "explaining" to do. Plus, he was a little disappointed because he didn't get his crush (I wasn't offended though.) Turns out it kind of spread to some of my friend who weren't in my class. More and more awkwardness as time goes.

4) My most recent moment happened on Monday. I was in Computer Tech and we were done with our work so we had some free time. I decided to sit on the floor next to Aub. (we had laptops that day) because I was bored. Then D and "Jak" came over. After a few minutes later, I ended up sitting right next to Aub and D. We just kinda all sat there in silence. I started talking to D about his strange quietness and then "Jak" came over and blurted something out. It was completely unexpected. Here's how everything went:

*D and I were talking really quietly then Jak comes over and gives the two of us a really strange look*
Jak: Wait aren't you two married?
D: Yup.
Me: Wow! You just said it like that?
D: Sorry. It just happened, okay?
Jak: Why don't you put your arm around her?
D: No. She'd hit me. Plus, I don't want to.
Jak: D, I will make you. *Turns to me* Would you hit him if he put his arm around you?
Me: Uh... no. But it'd be very awkward. *I started scooting closer to Aub.*

And then it pretty much stopped from there. Like I said, I'm not used to these types of things and I don't know when I'll ever be. To be honest, I'm not one to push away a guy but I'm not one to like that type of stuff. Even if he's my closest guy friend (and probably my longest one) it doesn't mean I can just have that type of thing happen and not feel weird. Plus, his crush was very very very very near me so I'd hate to make him feel bad and send wrong messages.

What's even more weird about that is that I'm not very physical with him. While some teens hug their friends every day, I rarely hug most of my friends and I've only hugged most of my guy friends only about 4 times... Out of my 2-3 years knowing them. 

So yeah... Those were my main awkward "love" stories this year. (I'm not even sure if they are considered to be categorized love but even if it's not, then they are awkward flirty moments.)

So which moment was your favorite one? Comment below or vote on the side poll to tell me (poll will be posted soon). Have any awkward flirt moments? You can tell me in the comments as well!

The stuff and people I get involved with...

P.S. Just clarifying again, I am not saying that I am putting my guy friends in the "friend-zone" but I'm just saying that I'm not 100% comfortable with the idea of physical contact with guys I hang out with everyday and getting into a relationship (even if it's fake/jokingly.) Maybe in a few years I'll be ready but as of now, I'll just stick to rare hugs and being freaks with them. ❤

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