Friday, September 14, 2012

Poptropica: Evil Shall Rule

It's official. I, Speedy Wing, will be taking an expedition so deadly, it may haunt me for the rest of my life. What will I do exactly? I shall go explore the minds of the greatest villains of Poptropica.

Sorry I haven't visited the hideout much. I've been busy on a... Mission. Anyways, just recently I've been asked to take another special mission. It seems that they have built a new island to lock up all Super Villains, which includes some of my greatest my arch enemies...

Such as Mr. Binary Bard, the most evil villain of all Poptropica. It took me many months to track him down during my stay at Astro Knights. I eventually found the princess he captured; Then there's Ms. Black Widow, an evil mastermind. She stole many paintings and counterfeited them in France. She even framed me once! Too bad her life ended for in prison; Dr. Hare, a sneaky rabbit. (Well, Busy Seagull later told me that he was a crazed doctor from an experiment went wrong but... I still think he's a rabbit.) I remember leaving him somewhere far far away but apparently, they found him and locked him up in this prison. Hopefully he doesn't hate me for destroying his rabbot when I visit him; Then there's also Captain Crawfish, Cpt. Seagull's enemy and also mine. (Very long story.) I just hope he doesn't remember me... Which he probably will...

So, I'll be going into their minds to find out their evil ways. I know that I'm good but what if I go into their minds and end up turning evil?! The name of Speedy Wing will be known but for bad! :o I don't want that to happen. >.< Maybe going to it is a bad idea... Ooh. Maybe I can bring a friend with me?! That way, it won't be as scary!

Either way... Evil shall NOT rule. Not here at the hideout anyways.
~Speedy Wing~

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