Monday, June 11, 2012

Amazing friends

I just wanted to say how I have such amazing friends for the past year, both I know in person and those that have been online friends.

I'm gonna start off with my personal friends. I don't know if I mentioned this before but, I have a lot of friends at school. Just sitting at my tables at lunch has about 15 people! I pretty much love everyone of them. <3 They help through the hard times and just make me smile, everyday. Plus, they are so much fun to be around... Despite how crazy they are. I guess that's what made me have more confident this 8th grade: crazy but yet loving friends! I can't forget those that are friends but don't sit with me at lunch. They have helped me through the rough too. I shall never forget the time I had with everyone this year! To all those that aren't coming back next year though, I'm gonna miss ya so much. But, you guys will always be a part of my heart. (That means you, Sici, my Chinese buddy and you, Hannahbanana!)

Now, time for my online buddies. I honestly have countless amount (as in hundreds) of online buddies but hardly any of them are close... But that was before. Now, I still have countless amounts of online buddies but many of them are close. It's thanks to the Poptropica Secrets Forum (PSF.) If you didn't know, I am a moderator there and I am quite well known (for many things.) When people first meet me, though, they might think too much of me since I'm a moderator. Honestly, I don't even feel like a moderator most of the time. I still do my job and everything but I chat and post like a normal member... Anyways, not the point.
I have so many friends on the PSF and they are all so close to me, one way or another! I can't even begin trying to talk about what each of them has done for me or how much they mean to me! They have all given me laughs and support me through a lot of things. Thank you for all those friends there! You guys mean so much to me!! I will always try to do my best to help you guys in any way I can!
For all those friends that have quit the forum, I still love ya! Even if we don't talk anymore, I'll never forget the times we had together. I wish you would've stayed but, we all have out reasons and have to move on. Thank you for all the time spent together.

So, again, thank you to all who have been such an amazing friend!! I love ya guys so much!
♥Your grateful friend, Petpet


  1. *cries* I love you, Petpet!

  2. *tear, tear* Petpet, you are the best!! I could not forget you!
    ~Mockingjay from the P.S.F forum

  3. PETPET! Icy Fire here! I miss you and all my other P.S.F. buddies...:( Sorry I haven't been on much, but life is really time-consuming ^.^...Anywho, I'll try to get back on the forum, and really catch up! Message me or something! You are an amazing friend, and I hope to make more memories...LOL cheesy moment...:D Bye! TTYS...
    ~Icy Fire

    P.S. - add me as a Poptropica friend! My username is icyfire848

    P.S.P.S. - Check on my blog please! I'm totes gonna post more and would really appreciate a few more readers...and LOL I <3 your blog! Keep up the good work!

    Okay, this was a REALLY long message...:) Bye again!
    ~Icy Fire (icyfire848)


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