Sunday, June 3, 2012

School's Out for the Summer!!!

I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH 8th GRADE! Hurray! I was waiting for June 1st (my last day) for months now. It's not that I don't like school or anything. It's just that I don't like the homework. I think the only thing I'm going to miss about school is hanging out with my friends and seeing my AMAZING teachers.

Now that school's out, I can finally get started to post more... Maybe. I'll see what I can do.

So, if you didn't know, I am kinda a "party animal." I guess it depends who I'm partying with. This weekend, I was invited to 2 "end of school" parties. The first one was at an event center on June 1st. I had a lot of fun there, just chatting and hanging out with my friends. To top it off, we played Volleyball in the "wall room." I think my most favorite part was playing "Truth or Dare." I don't like being chose to do something, I just like to watch people play it.

My other party was last night, June 2nd. That one was so much fun. I came an hour late and probably the wrong time. Everyone was getting water balloons ready for a game of "capture the flag" but with water balloons. Some of us got really wet and others, not so much. It was after dinner that really got most people. We were going to continue our game but it turned into a water fight. Luckily, my friend 'Rissa' and I didn't get wet dude to true friends, running away, and "Dan the Man [with the plan]" getting wet for us and kinda protecting us. I just want to get this straight. I don't mind getting that wet but when it comes to having an iPod touch and phone with you, you don't want to get wet... Or else. We played a whole bunch of games after that. Then, to get rid of all our frustration from the year, we burned "Tissa's" homework. It was fun to see everything burn but it was also fun to see what we hated to learn and burn it to smitherins. (We roasted marshmallows afterward.)

So, my weekend was PACKED with late night parties and fun for my birthday. Now it's time to plan my summer... So, have you ever partied that hard? What are your summer plans? Are you excited for anything? Post a comment below and tell me!

♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ Happy Summer!

P.S. Thanks "Tissa" and Selena for inviting me to your parties!! I had so much fun!!


  1. Wow! Im going into 8th grade next year :D
    I've partied that hard before xD

    But my last day of school is in 23 days :)

  2. Aw, lucky! My last day is the 18. >:(

    Well, congrats! You're officially in High School!


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