Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Special Day...

     Hey everyone. If you didn't know, today is quite a special day for me. Today, June 5th, was the day I was born. I am no longer 13, but I'm 14! There's honestly not much for me to celebrate since I did most of it this weekend.

So, how am I going to spend my day? Well, I overslept for a start. Then woke up and spent my day watching my favorite movies (Tangled, Despicable Me...) and just had a lazy day. The only thing is that isn't that great is that I have piano lessons today but that's ok. Then, I got a couple of gifts from my family, will go out to my favorite place for dinner, have a cake. So, it's not too special but that's fine since it's spending time with my family.

Well, see you around as a 14 year old!

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  1. Happy Birthday, gal!! (wait....I think this was a day late xD )


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