Monday, November 11, 2013


For those of you that don't know, I am huge fan of Japanese culture. Last year, when I was really getting into Japanese culture, I learned that November 11th was Pocky day! I didn't even know that something like that existed but it did... which I was so excited about. I promised myself that I would remember it this year (2013)... TURNS OUT I FORGET!

So, what is Pocky? It a thin biscuit stick that is covered in chocolate or different flavors. This is a common snack for Japanese teenagers but most people like pocky because it's such a light snack. Pocky can be addicting though.

The only flavors I've tasted are strawberry and chocolate but in other countries, they have dozens of pocky flavors. (I really want to try them all someday!) You can usually find these in Asian supermarkets and they are usually pretty cheap.

Since there's a holiday to celebrate Pocky, there must be a game with Pocky too, right? I've heard of the "Pocky Game" many times but I've actually never played it before. It seems kinda fun though:
The only "problem" with the Pocky Game is that your face is literally less than a foot away from your friend's face. I guess another point of the Pocky Game is to also get two people close enough so their lips touch and they kiss. (The things Japanese teenagers play!) I guess it's a good way to get two people who like each other together but, it's not my type of thing. I learned a way to win the Pocky Game without kissing though. Don't even take it slowly. You just go and bite the middle in one big swoop and intimidate your friend. (You can't both do it though or else everything won't end well.)

Or you can just do this and not play at all:

Well, that was your education on Pocky for today! Hopefully next year I won't forget about Pocky Day! I really want to try and make my friends eat some Pocky and have them try the Pocky Game. 
Until next time!

All pictures go to original owner! I just wanted to share about Pocky and wanted to use these images as a reference. I take no credit with ownership of the pictures.


  1. OMG me too!! ~.~ When I was really little and we livedi n California still, one of our most popular snacks in our little family was Pocky sticks! I've had both of the flavors that you said, before. When we moved Central-North(?), we couldn't afford tem anymore (they were like, less than half a dollar, and here they are almost $3!). I've missed them so much, we have them at our Wal*Mart now (in CA. we always went to Target, but the nearest one where we live now is in Minnesota basically, hours away). Pocky are SOOOOOO GOOOOOD—my favorite by far is the strawberry.
    Next time I see my dad on a visit and we go out to buy snacks, i'm definitely getting these. (I eat them up in like 2-second {...minutes...} flat. xD I'm so bad. ^-^)

    Anywhoo, Darrrn!, I wish I remembered too!! Thank goodness there is next year!!

    N~ (^^.)

    PS no offense to American snacks or any of my ethnic culture, but seriously Pocky isl ike HEAVEN in a BOX. So delish~~ -^_^-

  2. I got some Pocky (chocolate ones) last year in my Christmas stocking. They are GOOOOOOD!


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